Tennis Players- What racket do you use? Any suggestions?

  1. New player here and wondering what rackets other players use! If you have any recommendations please let me know!!

  2. i think the wilson hammer is a good starting racquet. if you go to the store, they have different levels which help you choose which one is best for you. the back of the racquet will tell you which one to choose based off your swing speed, etc.
  3. I am going to 2nd the Wilson Hammer
  4. Wilson Hammer
    They have different racquets for different styles. Accuracy balanced with power, so choose based on that. I'm a guy so I usually go for a racquet with a lower "power" rating and a higher "accuracy" rating.
  5. I use a Prince, its fantastic.. so light and I have total control of the racket.. feels like im playing tennis with a plastic spoon, such a light racket
  6. I use a Babolat, in fact the one that Andy Roddick uses!
  7. Head Liquid metal

    not crazy expensive, but a great racket....lots of women on my team use it
  8. another faithful Prince player.

    my friend is a semi-pro and he was actually sponsered by Babolat - he loves their stuff!
  9. I use the racquet Chanda Rubin uses! Head Intelligence. :yahoo:
  10. I use a Wilson Ncode n4. Try out different rackets before you buy. They're all different for different levels, power,....
  11. i use the babolat and yonex
    absolutely love both
    and i know this really should have nothing to do with what racket is good and what's not
    but i also love those two rackets because of the colors (:
    the babolat is black and this cool shade of blue and my yonex is this awesome shade of light green hehe