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  1. So I'm getting married in June and going against all hindu traditions of giving a zillion pounds :P of gold jewlery that i KNOW i will never wear, i told my mom that i just want a few things including a tennis know, like a tennis braclet for your neck?

    kind of like this from tiffany's:

    Does anyone have one? Seen one?? What carat size should each stone be? This is what i was thinking, but i can't picture it...just putting numbers out there, is it TOO much?

    center stone: 1.75 carats
    surrounding center stone: 1.5 carats
    surrounding that: 1 carat
    surrounding that: .75 carat
    surrounding that: .5 carat
    surrounding that (and the rest of the stones all the way around): .25 carats

    WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK???? too mucH??? what would be better??

    HELP HELP HELP!!! please! :sad:
  2. I think that is a wonderful idea for a wedding necklace.

    I've worn a few (not mine, borrowed :smile:) for black tie events. Can't go wrong with that classic style.

    I think sizes you mentioned would very lovely and I don't consider it to be "too much", although this is going to be quite a statement piece. Of course I am over-exposed to jewelry and you may not ever hear me say something is "too much" or "too big". :P

    As for what size is right for you, I would suggest paying a visit to a few retail stores and trying on a few. That may help you in deciding.

    If this helps, this is a pic of me wearing at tennis necklace- 3ct at the center, sorry I can't remember the exact specs of what they graduate to.

  3. Missrocks that looks gorgeous!
  4. Thanks! I only wish that I could say it was mine..:drool:
  5. thanks missrocks! that is gorgy!!! but i dont know...that kinda looks big i know it's three carat center stone...but wonder what the tcw is!! :smile:

    i wish i had time to go try stuff on, sounds like a blast but i honestly have no time :sad: im in law school in a different state and i wouldnt even know WHERE to look lol! so my mom just told me to figure out what i want and shell have it made, in either india or here

    but i cant figure out what i want! i dont want anything HUGE cuz ill never wear it until im only 24 sooooo i want something age appropriate as well kwim? blahhhhhh

    never thought diamond shopping would be this hard lol!
  6. Here'a an idea for you. You could try the nearest mall and see if some of the dept. stores have tennis BRACELETS. There's more of a chance that they'd carry the bracelets rather than the necklace. Hold them up as if they were necklaces, and you could get an idea that way. I don't know if they make faux tennis bracelets, but you could see if they do, then again, hold them up like a necklace and it'll give you an idea of size.
  7. What a perfect necklace! I've looked at them in jewelry stores, but just for fun. I don't think I'd ever have an occasion to wear one.:sad:
  8. Try looking in the Jewelry Reference forum at the top of the page in the necklace/pendant. There are a couple of pictures there of tennis necklaces.
  9. That Tiffany necklace and the necklace Missrocks borrowed are both so hot! You can't go wrong. I don't think size will make it too old for you! You will have it forever and you want it to be timeless and since this is a piece that you will wear for dressier occasions, why not make it blingy.
  10. soooo my bro sent me some pics to look at...the ones he thought i would like are gradual and a tcw of about 10 carats ...does that sound too small?

    he said the others looked like i could only wear them to special occasions! blahhhh

    but im thinking a prong setting...not bezel

  11. shellym posted a lovely 10 carat necklace in the jewelry box in action section yesterday.
  12. Tennis Necklaces are so much fun. I've made anywhere from 6ctw-30ctw.
    And it's really up to the individual. Just an FYI, they are also sometimes called "Riveria Necklaces"

    Here is an 8ctw as an example.

    Attached Files:

  13. japster that is so beautiful! i love how there's a gradient and it hits the largest in the center! stunning!!
  14. :heart: Thanks!!

    If my opinion matters much, I would say that 5ctw-12ctw is MUCH more wearable while still being drop dead gorgeous. I made a 24ctw that was absolutely stunning but no way could it be worn every day unless you were Oprah. LOL.
  15. ohhh japster...those are SO PRETTY!! :smile: if you dont mind...what would the center stone on that be?? I think my brother was looking for something excatly like that....but i was unsure what the center stone would look like!