Tennis for Teens

  1. Hello everyone!

    I play tennis myself but I don't know what kind of racket to get my 13 year old niece. :confused1:

    Her birthday is coming up in two weeks and for her present I planned to give her stuff that is tennis themed. I have already paid for a month of private tennis lessons at their local tennis and racquetball center and bought her tennis outfits and all that good stuff. ;)

    But I am missing the most important thing- the racket!!!

    Does anyone know a good beginner's tennis racket for 13 year old girls? I would like to purchase Prince, but Wilson is fine too. Preferably under $50 because this is just a beginner racket and I have paid quite a bit for private lessons and the other parts of her present. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  2. check out they have a lot of rackets. There is a kids section too. I buy a lot from there.
  3. Tennis racquets need to be fitted to their hands IRL..(For a sound grip)...I would ask the tennis pro givin the lessons on which brand to buy.My 11 yr old has been playing for 4-5 yrs.
  4. i love play tennis!