Tennis Bracelet?

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  1. I'm looking to buy a new tennis bracelet and interested in the friendship style, should I go for that style or the typical closure?
    I'm thinking of 3.3 ct total wt?
  2. The reason I'm going for such a small carat weight is because I would like to wear it with my watch and since I live such a casual lifestyle and spend most of my time inside or on the beach I thought this would be perfect, what do you think would be too much?
  3. Not too much at all. I wear a 3ct with my 36mm rolex, everyday. I never take them off, i wear then to work, work out in them, give my kids their bath...ect. Perfect size
  4. Thank you!

  5. I don't think so at all, I think mine is right under 5 carats I believe and I wear it with anything, including my watch. And I have small wrists and I would have gone bigger if I realized I was going to trade in one of my bangles later on.
    The thing that surprised me with the tennis bracelet is that it's really low maintenance in terms of styling. You kind of forget that it's on.
  6. Thank you
    I wonder if anyone has one that is the friendship style. Not only do I like the look but my wrist is very small too so I can adjust the length with this style.
  7. I've decided to go with a five carat, it's not as large as I though it would be.
  8. What does the friendship style look like?
  9. The closure is not a clasp, it's string like and can be adjusted according to your wrist size.
    Search for friendship bracelets and you'll see what I mean.
    My wrists are small so that's why I'm considering that type of bracelet, I think I'll have to have it custom made though, which is ok by me.

  10. I honestly have never done friendship style for fine pieces. For casual pieces it was nice but bc of how small my wrist is, I would tighten it almost to the metal part so the cord looked unbalanced and long on me.

    The good thing about traditional tennis bracelets is that it is extremely easy to shorten. Usually jewelers would do this for free if you purchase from them. And you can use the extra diamonds for a different project.

    However if you are set on friendship style, I'm sure it'll have a cool casual vibe to it. Can't wait to see pictures! I may have to try that on one of my diamond bangles.
  11. And that's another good point, I want it to be a casual looking every day bracelet.
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  13. Yes, that's the idea. I have a diamond circle bracelet and it is this style and I seem to reach for it all the time. My other tennis bracelets I rarely wear.

  14. Do you have a picture? I'm very intrigued by this style. Where did you first see the friendship/tennis bracelet style?

  15. The poster above mine gave three links to pictures of a similar style to what I am looking for.

    I will try and take a picture of the bracelet I have and post it also. Normally when I do try to put a picture online here it doesn't come out but I'll try again.