tennis bracelet


Mar 12, 2012

I wonder where do people purchase their TB? I like the victoria design at Tiffany, it is $22k for tcw of 4ct. The same tcw TB would cost a lot less from bluenile. Not quite sure if it is worthwhile to get the TB from Tiffany. Want to hear some thoughts? Other than Tiffany and Bluenile, where do people get their TB? It seems that a good sized one would be 5tcw - 8tcw? Does anyone purchase from Bluenile? How do you like their product?



Jul 15, 2012
New Jersey
i cannot attest to the quality from blue nile or tiffany, as i havent yet purchased from either retailer. my fiance bought me a tennis bracelet yesterday :hbeat: while we were picking out his wedding band. my new favorite jewelry store has a killer estate section (i got my wedding band there for an absolute steal), any they were having their annual sale on estate jewelry, and he allowed me to pick out a tennis bracelet for myself.

i tried on a 4.5 carat and a 2.5 carat, and i went with the 2.5. it was 1700 usd including tax. i believe the diamonds are g-h color and vs clarity. the 4.5 carat was around 4000 usd without tax. i went with the smaller twc, which was more sparkly, and, i think, more appropriate for everyday wear. i plan on wearing it to work, and since im a teacher, i dont really want to call too much attention to my higher end jewelry.

i dont have pix yet... i think my guy is planning on giving me the bracelet as my bday present (i only have to wait to july 1, which is the day we leave for our honeymoon!!)

anyway, check your local stores! ive found that they tend to be more helpful and willing to work with you.


Apr 17, 2014
I agree with Greentea, I would go with one that has more carat weight rather than going with Tiffany.
Although not sure if jewellery from Tiffany had a better resale value though noone ever plans to parts with something as lovely as a tennis bracelet! Good luck on your purchase :smile: