Tennis bracelet or 4 diamond love bracelet?

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Which should I get to wear alongside my Cartier plain rose gold bracelet?

  1. Platinum diamond tennis bracelet

  2. Cartier rose gold 4 diamond bracelet

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  1. Just got my plain Cartier RG bracelet which I absolute adore and already planning for my next acquisition! In the the next couple years (maybe as a first push present?? Planning to start a fam within that period lol), thinking of either a platinum diamond tennis bracelet or a Cartier RG 4 diamond bracelet?
  2. Cartier. Personally I think gold will hold it's value a bit better. Plus you can pass one of your loves down to your child (if you have a girl).
  3. I agree w shpahlc. On the other hand, you might also want to determine w/c one you really want more. Do you already have a tennis bracelet? Is a tennis bracelet a must have piece for you? If so, maybe that is the better choice now & get the 2nd one later? For me I feel like a tennis bracelet is also a must have piece.. & I already have 2 so the decision is easy. HTH.
  4. No I don't have a tennis bracelet yet but I do feel like it is a must have classic but the love bracelet with diamonds does have an alluring sparkle!!
  5. ITA! :smile: It's a tough choice... If you are planning to wear both 24/7, go for the cartier then. I wear my love bangle 24/7 but the rest of my jewelry will depend on my mood, clothes, or what goes well with the love. :smile: goodluck! Both are good choices. Don't think you can go wrong with either. :smile:
  6. Not with the premium you'll pay on the Cartier brand.
  7. ita!
  8. Tennis Bracelet- you already have a Love Bracelet. I think it is best to vary your collection.
  9. ITA! I had this dilemma but I didn't already have a Love. My husband is getting me a 4 diamond love (which I chose instead of a tb) bc I can wear it 24/7. Once I have my love, next up will be a tb!
  10. I agree, tennis bracelet since you already have a Love.
  11. Tennis bracelet!
  12. Tennis bracelet
  13. I don't like to take on and off my bracelets often. Do you think that I could wear a diamond tb 24/7, or would that be too rough on the bracelet?
  14. I wear my tennis bracelet daily. I love it and get compliments daily on it.
  15. I wear mine daily, but I don't wear it to bed/shower. I don't want the diamonds to get dirty/build up in shower and I don't want sleeping in it to snag prongs.