tennis bracelet next to LOVE or watch?


Nov 25, 2007
I'm hoping to get a 4.75 tcw tennis bracelet for my birthday. Selling bags on Yoogis and depending on quote, I will put towards a beautiful bracelet. I decided to not do the 3.25 one with the flower stations. So the bigger one is just simple and classic. I am right handed. However, I decided to wear my WG Cartier Love on my left wrist. It doesnt get banged up as much. And I got used to wearing watches on my right wrist. My watches currently in rotation are ballon bleu and black J12. Which wrist should I wear tennis bracelet - next to my Love or next to my watch? Thanks!


Nov 23, 2006
With your watch. I used to wear my tennis bracelet that way when I used to wear a tennis bracelet. And I would put it in "front" of your watch, near your hand, not in the back, toward your elbow.