Tennis bracelet for 24/7 wear?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I love the look of this tennis bracelet after I walked passed the London jewellery quarter. I was wondering if I can wear it 24/7? If I just wear it on it’s own, will it look fine or too much for everyday? Also how about in terms of wear? Has anyone ever purchased anything from Tresor Paris before? Advice would be much appreciated!
  2. I think these can be worn 24/7. I've bought from Tresor Paris in Hatton Garden before it was a wonderful experience and their prices are very fair. Hope you have a good experience when you go there.
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  3. I wear my tennis bracelet 24/7 and have had it for about 3 years now. Probably my favorite piece of jewelry in my collection!
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  4. What carat size are you thinking about? If it fits your personal style and you like it, you can certainly wear it everyday. My personal opinion for me is that anything over 3 carats is too much for everyday wear. Some people can wear the door knocker jewelry and look great, but I am not one of them, LOL.
  5. Thanks for your responses guys!

    I’m thinking of 2ct or maybe even 1ct. I don’t really like flashy stuff. I was hoping to buy this and a thin love for a permanent stack and just never swapping the bracelets.
  6. Are the diamonds bright and sparkly in real life? Do you know what size you saw in the store? I would love to get a YG one to stack with my WG tennis bracelet and YG Love cuff but my budget would only currently allow for the 1 carat. I like delicate bracelets but wonder how much presence the 1 carat would have on the wrist. My WG is 3.30 carat and as big as I would want to go for everyday wear.
  7. Do you ladies stack with anything else?
  8. If you are truly going to wear this bracelet 24/7, you really need to look at how the bracelet is constructed. It needs to be able to withstand the ongoing pressure on the links when you sleep on it. I speak from experience. I once had a tennis bracelet that I wore 24/7 after about three years, the links stretched out noticeably. I purchased it at a high end, but local jewelry store.

    I ended up resetting the stones into other pieces.

    Also, feel the prongs, are they rough or smooth? Any nubs will get caught in your clothes/scarves.

    So my recommendation is to buy an oval hinged bangle if you are wanting to wear it 24/7.

    My 2 cents.
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  9. Hi, so I’m looking to buy a tennis bracelet and I have seen 2 I like. It’s not for 24/7 wear but I do intend to wear it on weekdays at work. Should I get the 19 pointers one (total 7+ carats) or the 25 pointers one (total 9+ carats). I stupidly forgot to take pictures but basically the 19 pointers one to me is a nice size - it looks just about right. 25 pointers look slightly bigger than I need it to be right now.

    But I’ve suffered from diamond shrinkage syndrome in the past and am afraid it’d happen again. And the thing is I know I won’t ever buy another bracelet again so I kind of think maybe I should get something bigger. Any advice please?

    The price difference is substantial. About 50% more for the bigger one.

    I can’t decide....
  10. I've bought 3 TBs...7 ct, 10 ct, 12 ct. Finally found one I love 14 ct. I've been wearing it for the past 12 years everyday. Luckily I bought from a jeweler that offered an "upgrade" program. Just had to pay the difference. Diamond shrinkage syndrome is real, especially in studs and TBs. Ask the jeweler if he has an upgrade program...just in case!
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  11. Agree with skyqueen ... you don't want to purchase a tennis bracelet then a few years later decide you want bigger. Now you have to go through the trouble to sell it. Go with a jeweler with an upgrade policy, maybe they even make one custom for you!
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  12. Will you be wearing a diamond ring at the same time? No matter what other jewelry I wear, I want my engagement ring to be the star. They need to work together, even when worn on opposite hands. If you think the larger bracelet is too much, maybe it is.
  13. Thank you. The jeweller doesn’t have an upgrade policy. Most where I’m from don’t have that so I do need to decide.
  14. Good point to check on comparison with my rings. Cheers
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