Tennis Anyone? Pics!!

  1. Since it was on sale I had to get it....and those are my Camellia sunglasses too.
    IMG_0576.JPG tennis chanel.jpg
  2. Very cute!!!!! You do play tennis, right????? :p

    They have the matching visor and bum bag at the Chanel outlet in NY state.
  3. Haha, I think it's great that you bought this, congrats!
    Did you get the matching tennis balls too?
    Don't slam it too hard though, you don't wanna damage this beauty ;)
  4. O I want one! Cute, Is it a good racket!?
  5. OMG, that is too cute! I would be too afraid to use this. I'd be checking for scratches and cleaning it like I do my purses!
  6. if i played tennis I would but it. so cute, wonder what the sells for?
  7. That's so adorable! I'm an avid tennis player!! I would :heart: to have it for my collection!
  8. It is excellent quality and was $225. I can't wait to play tennis with it!! I'm not babying it at all....slam!!
  9. I need one of those :smile: ... Congrats!
  10. omg this is too cute!
  11. that is pretty darn cool.
  12. Haha... I used to play tennis for my college (and I'm a rabid tennis fan!), but if I brought this with me to matches, I'd probably have been laughed off of the court. :p Chanel is not exactly the brand I associate with quality tennis rackets, but hey, it's definitely cute! :tup: I have those sunnies in the black w/ white as well, love them! :smile:
  13. So cute and classy!!! Congrats!!!
  14. oh wow! how cute!!! maybe i can finally take up tennis with
  15. I love tennis eventhough I haven't played for over 20 years (after I met my bf now dh). If it wasn't because of academic reason, I would have joined the h.s. team. Anyway, I am starting tennis, and tomorrow it will be my first tennis class. I doubt that I can even hit the ball will be depressing for sure.:push: I shouldn't have quitted back then.
    Back to the racquet...I loveeeee it! Where did you get yours from? Hum...wonder if Chanel has those wristband...:p
    Congrats and hope you win lots of games with this racquet!!!:yahoo: