tenKrat's storage solution and BE collection pics

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  1. I have had a problem with my BE bags for some time---nothing bad, just a storage problem. Don't you hate it when you walk into your closet and see those black BE dustbags, not knowing which bag is in which dustbag? I disliked having to open every dustbag until I found the bag I was looking for so much that it was time to find a solution.

    So, I spent about a total of three hours taking all my bags out, taking pics, printing pics, cutting, pasting, and laminating. Basically, I cut the pic of each bag, glued it onto posterboard, and laminated it using Scotch 3M self-laminating pouches that fit pics up to 4" x 6". Then I put a single hole punch on the center top and center bottom of the laminated pic and safety-pinned it to each dustbag.

    Voila! Here's a sample dustbag:

  2. Here are my "BE playing cards" that I made up during the course of my project. I was a little reluctant to punch holes in them because they were really great playing cards.

  3. Here's the breakdown of my collection:

    Left to right:

    1. Petrol sheen TMA Original
    2. Taupe grey matte WTM Midi
    3. Pewter crash LM
    4. Black crash LM Mini

  4. Left to right:

    1. Nutmeg velvet matte IB Midi
    2. Mottled gold TME
    3. Mustard pebbled luxe Be Mine
    4. Wine pebbled luxe WTM Midi

  5. Left to right:

    1. Midnight glossy IB Midi
    2. Cobalt sheen MMS
    3. Taupe grey matte TMA
    4. Fuchsia sheen LM

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    Last edited: Sep 17, 2010

    Left to right:

    1. Dark purple pebbled luxe Surprise Me
    2. Tan matte TME Midi
    3. Chocolate crash Hug Me
    4. Mottled gold Stroke Me Midi

  7. Wow! This is a great storage solution (I hate digging through the bags too) and I love your novel way of showing us your collection! You have some gorgeous bags - I wish I had the courage to try a gold bag - in lovely styles and leathers.
  8. brilliant!

    your organizing skillzzz are amazing, and the cards look great!
  9. OMG! :faint::faint:

    First off...you are brilliant on your storage solution!! :urock:

    And secondly...your collection is DEVINE!! Pure gorgeousness, now in neatly organized BE black bags!!

    :ghi5:High Five to you my friend on a great collection and storage solution!
  10. Wow! I still am in total love with your mms.
  11. Sgreg - that cobalt leather is gorgeous, isn't it?
  12. AMAZING :woohoo:

    How smart to do this; every time you open your closet you will be so very satisfied!
    It's good organizing, but also big FUN.
  13. LOVE it! and I love your photos and collection. So smart!
  14. Great result!:biggrin:..and a very nice collection too!:P

    I love it when a collection is so neatly displayed!!

    I'm alo secretly admiring your floor and carpet..no dog hairs..LOL! I tell you this can make me not post a picture, because no matter what I do..white hairs will appear like magic!
  15. What an amazing job you did! I feel the same frustration with any "brand" sleeper bag.

    This something I will need to emulate!

    And a double bonus is we could play Purse Poker with the cards! They themselves are cute!