Tender Touch???

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  1. Hola! Has anyone seen the new Tender Touch handbag? From what I understand, it looks like a Chanel 3 but with two pockets instead of three and with a zipper...? I understand it comes in quite a few colors... Anyone seen this bag that can describe it? Or better yet, anyone have pics??
  2. I don't have photos but it is just like what you described with a metal plate on top.
  3. Thanks, Tutu!!!
  4. What type of metal plate is on the top, tutu?
  5. If it's the right bag, it had a metal plate kind of like the updated Kelly. It had two main compartments, not 3 like the Chanel 3. The SA at NM said it was the Tender Touch? I asked as I'd not seen this bag before; it was in an off white color. not too tall and rectangular shape.
  6. I think the mint green one came out first and I saw the smaller one two weeks ago at boutique in light pink.

    You can search the mint green on the forum.

  7. Thanks, guys!! You have been most helpful! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks tutu.