Ten years later...and I finally have my speedy!

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  1. I've been in love with the speedy 25 style for the past ten years, when I was in college and I saw a picture of it in Vogue magazine, and I've been collecting LV for about seven years. When I graduated from college and was old enough to buy a speedy, I bought a speedy 30 off ebay, thinking that a bigger size would suit me. But I found out that it really wasn't for me, so I gave it to my mom.

    A few years later I travelled to Paris with some girlfriends, with the intent of buying the mono speedy 25. But at the mothership I got distracted by the lovely pochette croissant, and I had a hard time deciding between the two bags. My friend convinced me to get the croissant, saying it would be easier to manage my young DD with a shoulder bag rather than a hand bag. So I bought the croissant, but soon thereafter began wishing for the speedy again.

    A couple of years later I had saved up for the speedy, and went to my local LV boutique. This time I discovered the batignolles. It was comparable to the speedy, but with a more structured shape, which I really liked. I came home with the batignolles. But, again, I pined for the speedy soon after.

    This went on for a few more years...intending to get a speedy, but instead buying other purses. I got distracted by a BV, a Prada tote, a couple of Guccis and a couple of Chanels. While I don't regret my other purchases, I still wanted that friggin speedy 25!

    Earlier this week I came back home to SoCal for vacation, and was shopping at NM for my brother's graduation gift. And there is was on display, calling to me, a gorgeous damier speedy 25. I tried it on and instantly I fell in love. The SA told me the price was going up the following day. And sales tax in Orange County was 7.75%, much lower than Chicago's 10.25%. I took all of this as a sign...and I bought the damier speedy 25 right then and there!! I always love my LV purchases, but I don't think I've ever left LV with so much excitement as I did this week.

    I guess the moral of the story is to get what you really want and love the first time around!

    Okay, I'll stop rambling, here are a couple of pictures! Sorry the quality is not the greatest, I had to take pics with my cell phone. I'm not able to upload pics from my dig camera into my brother's computer.

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  2. good for you.....it's a great bag!sounds like you have a great collection !
  3. yay, I'm so happy for you! finally it came home with you!!!
  4. Congrats on finally getting your "meant-to-be-LV"! Beautiful! Enjoy!
  5. Finally!!! A cute story that sounds familiar.
  6. Congrats! I have the same bag and I absolutely adore it!
  7. interesting story, congrats to your first love . It looks great on you!
  8. What a LVOE story!:P It is great to hear about someone that really pined for the Speedy in this size. Most people on tPF seem to prefer the Speedy 30 (or larger) and I think that the 25 gets a raw deal. Don't they always say "size doesn't matter"?:graucho:
    Depending on the body build of a person, the 25 can look quite large, as it does with me (and you, as well). It's even really nice to know that, while you own Gucci and CHANEL (gasp!!!) you still desired the Speedy. Thanks for renewing my faith in a bag I own and CONGRATULATIONS for finally listening to your :heart:!
  9. Awww...congrats! You waited and when the time was right your true LVoe came to you. Enjoy her because she will make you very happy!
  10. congrats on your new speedy
  11. Congrats on finally getting your speedy 25!
    I also adore the 25!
  12. Congrats - I am sure it was worth the long wait!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Words to live by :tup:

    Congrats ~ she's a beauty!
  15. Thanks everyone!! I can't wait to take her out! :cloud9: I'm planning to take her to the Getty museum tomorrow. She's been sitting on my mom's dresser for the past few days, stuffed with towels so I can get the creases out.