Ten years ago today....

  1. May she rest in Peace! She was so beautiful!
  2. I couldn't believe time goes so fast. Rest in Peace, the forever princess.
  3. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. I still remember exactly where I was when I learned that she had died. I had just come home from the skating rink with my friend Patricia (we were in the 7th grade) and were at her house watching TV with my mom and her mom. So so sad. RIP
  4. I burst into tears both out of joy for this picture but also for the pain she had as a princess and all the battles she fought internally and externally up till she died. I cry as I post this for she is my namesake and I feel such a special bond with her as weird as that is. I pray her soul is at peace.
  5. I too remember where I was when I found out...I was living in canada at the time, so as a country we were also mourning the loss of our beloved Princess!
    I hope she is resting in peace and that she is proud of the fine men her sons have turned out to be!
  6. WOW. Time FLIES! I remember exactly where I was. I was sitting in my living room with my Mom and when the news flash came on she asked me if I knew who Princess Diana was, when I said "no" I got an hour long lesson on her life. She was such an amazing woman. R.I.P.
  7. Time goes by so fast. May she rest in peace. I too remember how I found out about her death. I think its so ironic, how so many people wanted to be here, and emulate her, when in reality her life was very sad and tragic. She was beautiful inside and out.
  8. I too remember that day vividly~ I still get teary eyed thinking about it. She was such a compassionate, loving, strong woman but a little bit of a lost soul. I'm glad she found that glimmer of happiness with Dodi before she passed~
  9. :crybaby:Aw, thats so sad.. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when she died.. I hope the royal family does something in hr memory..:sad:
  10. Wow, I remember crying for weeks after she died. I can't remember any other public/political figure who affected me like she did. Rest in Peace, Diana.
  11. In the TV Lounge here, in the Murder of Princess Diana movie thread, I posted this, I hope nobody minds me pasting it here. That mindset of the class of 2011 or whatever reminded me...
  12. Thanks for starting this thread - I was hoping somebody would!

    She was so classy and elegant. She will always be remembered as beautiful and young and fresh. May she rest in peace.
  13. I remember exactly where I was when I found out she died. We'd been in England just a few months before and I'd seen her in Hyde Park. She was so beautiful IRL. My mom and I cried and cried, and got up early to watch the funeral a week later.
  14. Princes William and Harry led a tribute to their late mother, Princess Diana, in London Friday, as part of a touching, though upbeat, memorial service commemorating the 10th anniversary of the royal's death. "To us, just two loving children, she was quite simply the best mother in the world," Harry said during his eulogy.

    The two princes were behind every aspect of the service, which took place at Guards' Chapel near Buckingham Palace—from the 500-person guest list to the hymns to the readings, one of which was delivered by Prince William.
    Among the attendees at the memorial were Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Diana's sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, all of whom were cheered when they arrived at the chapel. Nonroyal attendees included Elton John, Bryan Adams, photographer Mario Testino, Tony Blair and Camilla Al-Fayed, the sister of Dodi Al-Fayed, who was also killed in the Paris car crash a decade ago.

    Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (formerly Parker Bowles), who was invited and initially accepted the offer to attend, bowed out earlier this month amid public outcry that her presence would not only detract from the event but be an insult to the memory of Diana.

    During the ceremony, Prince Harry, who was just 12 years old when his mother tragically passed away on Aug. 31, 1997, read a tribute to Diana and her "unfaltering love." William looked on with downcast eyes and, at one point, a few tears.

    "William and I can separate life into two parts," Harry said. "There were those years when we were blessed with the physical presence beside us of both our mother and father. And then there are the 10 years since our mother's death. When she was alive, we completely took for granted her unrivaled love of life, laughter, fun and folly...we miss her."

    "To lose a parent so suddenly at such a young age, as others have experienced, is indescribably shocking and sad. It was an event which changed our lives forever...We both think of her every day."

    Harry also said he and his brother, the heir to the English throne, think and speak of their mother every day and want her to be remembered not for her tragic death but as the "fun-loving," "genuine" person she was.

    "Put simply, she made us, and so many other people, happy," the clearly emotional prince said. "May this be the way that she is remembered."

    Concluding the hourlong service, which was also attended by all the bridesmaids and pageboys from her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, as well as 110 representatives from her favored charities, guests sang Diana's favorite hymn, "I Vow to Thee My Country," which had also been played at her wedding and funeral.

    Prior to the service, Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed, the father of Dodi Al-Fayed, held a two-minute silence at his department store, which also bears a shrine to the deceased couple. He was not invited to the chapel service due to his persistent media claims that the royal family was behind the princess' death.

    Members of the public have been leaviing flowers, cards and wreaths outside the gates of Kensington Palace, where she live; Althorp, where she is buried; Norfolk, where she was born; and at Paris' Eternal Flame monument, near the Pont de l'Alma tunnel where she died.

    The service comes nearly two months after a much less somber remembrance of Diana. On July 1, on what would have been their mother's 46th birthday, the boys held the Concert for Diana to celebrate her life. More than 60,000 people bought tickets for the London event, proceeds from which were split among Diana and the princes' favorite charities.