Ten silky reveals (some SS/2011)!


Feb 21, 2009
SCinSG - what a beautiful purchase! Love every single scarf and am so jealous of your lock and key scarf ring! Please post modeling pictures if you can. Thank you for sharing your joy and congratulations!


Thank you so much! Your kind words are much appreciated, Luvbolide, Bienchen, flower71, Ranag, peironglow, Scarf Addict, **Chanel**, fashionistaO, mishkaluv, hsiaomee and Maedi.What a great pleasure it has been to discover H scarves -- and it's a joy multiplied, thanks to all the wonderful comments from all you fellow H lovers here :biggrin:

Maedi, Bienchen and peironglow ~ Action shots are planned ... once I stop just petting the silkies, hahahahaha! They'll be posted in the scarf of the day thread.

mishkaluv ~ Fleurs d'Indiennes is marvellous, isn't it! It's even more stunning in person.

**Chanel** ~ The horn scarf ring is from Mai Tai. I actually got it first, for my scarf collection (all non-H until recently).

Scarf Addict ~ Yes, yes, get Mme Soie!! She's full of lovely details. I actually saw M Parfum too, but passed on him because the colourway was not right for me. He's a WONDERFUL pattern, though.

Luvbolide ~ Ooooh, the GM mousseline changeant sounds delicious! Will look out for it.


Jan 22, 2006
Welcome to the Orange Side, SCinSG. Once you've hit the silk slope, next will be the accessories and leather goods. Very soon.

I adore the boxes the scarves are wrapped in and a special way to end 2010.
May 7, 2007
Sorry I'm so late to your reveal but it was definitely worth the wait - what an amazing lot of items. Beautiful silks - I particularly love 'The Year of.. ' Gavroches and the Jersey.

Many congratulations on such beautiful items and have lots of fun playing with them.


Jul 22, 2010
Congratulations SCinSG - you must have had such an exhilerating time choosing all these beauties! They are all so lovely and you will have so much fun wearing them. Love how you've gotten a range of neutrals and wow colors. Can't wait to see the modeling pics, and your experience with the CeC jersey...I'm eying it myself :heart:


Holiday Joys!
Mar 1, 2006
Welcome to the H side, SCinSG! What a great start. Lovely items you got yourself.

Silk jerseys are my favourites and I am sure you will lotsa fun wearing yours too.


Thank you so much, Queenie, foxgal, Luva Pug, Ali-bagpuss and IFFAH! :heart:

IFFAH ~ I fear the silks are just the beginning too ... LOL! Some leather lovelies have been flirting whenever I walk into H and I've been trying hard to not make eye contact. LOL!!

Luva Pug ~ It has been quite a thrilling journey so far :biggrin: Can't wait to see where this goes next (and that groan you hear, it's my poor money tree which needs some tlc and lots of nurturing now. LOL)

Ali-bagpuss, foxgal & Queenie ~ I'm going to have to play with the jersey a lot before actually taking her out for a "real" outing. I really love it, but truly haven't a clue about tying it to enhance her languid, fluid nature. Ah, but playing is sooo much fun, isn't it?


Jan 4, 2011
Canberra, Australia
What an amazing, decadent haul! Congratulations!

I hope you enjoy the "Mademoiselle Soie" as much as I do...I just got the white-bordered cw of this and it's zoomed to the top of my daily-wear rotation. I need to get "Monsieur Parfum" to keep her company:graucho:


High on H!
Aug 22, 2007
The Pegasus is just stunning! Congratulations on your perfect 10.

This was THE scarf I as waiting for, after seeing the marvellous previews here. So I was a little sad when the design didn't quite like me as much as I liked it in real life. UNTIL, I tried it on in this colourway. I think the others were a little too cool for my colouring.

OK, enough chatter! On to the pics ...

In the box & the tag:

Full view:


Can't get enough of the wings:

I think I'm going to wear this one A LOT:


thanks, Scarf_Ace, daluu and armcandyaddict! If you enjoy wearing silkies, come join us over at the scarf of the day thread (click here) -- we have tons of fun with our silks and massive enabling goes on too :biggrin:

Scarf_Ace ~ Congrats on your M Soie! She's a real beauty, isn't she?! Do get the M Parfum and wear them together (an idea from another tpfer).

daluu ~ Fleurs d'Indiennes is one of my favourite designs from the SS/11 collection. That and Pegasus and Nuees Imaginaire .... ahhhhh all so tempting.

armcandyaddict ~ Just couldn't resist the Pegasus! Since I first bought that one, more colours have come in and i got another one ... in white. No pics of that one yet as I'm still just admiring it in its box. LOL!!

Here are a few more pics of silkies which have joined the "family" ... and thanks so much for letting me share. Collecting H silkies is a joy that has been amplified thanks to the wonderful, supportive and appreciative community here. Nobody else in my everyday life "gets" my passion for scarves, so I'm really grateful to be able to share here :smile: :heart:

1. Fleurs d'Indiennes in turquoise (just couldn't resist another colourway)
2. M Parfum (he's a cutie!)
3. Paperoles GM (this keeps me nice and warm in a too-cold office)
4. Brides de Gala Bayaderes twilly (just having some fun with silk and pearls)



Dec 20, 2009
Beautiful choices and great photos. Thanks for taking the time to share. We are twins on one, the Fleurs d'Indiennes.


High on H!
Aug 22, 2007
Thanks for your invitation, scinsg, will pop over.

Still obsessing over the Pegasus and I think I will get one - after I've made up my mind on which colorway! Which Singapore H store do you recommend for a larger range of silks?

Oh and please accept my compliments on how great you look with the combination of twilly and pearl necklace - very stylish and original. What a great idea.