Ten silky reveals (some SS/2011)!


Nov 20, 2009
Wow, lovely scarves!! Many congrats!! You did extremely well!! Enjoy them in good health!! :tup::tup:


May 17, 2007
BRAVO ScinSG-Amazing haul and every one of your silks are gorgeous, stunning H at their best! A perfect ten in ten! We can't wait to see your modeling photos on SOTD! While some of us remember our first silk, you have the pleasure of remembering ten!:woohoo::ps::ps:


Oct 1, 2010
congratulations on your haul! You've got yourself an excellent starter collection. I am sure there will be more new purchases coming your way as this season's GMs and stoles are much anticipated. The fleurs d'indiennes was not on my list but I absolutely adore the violet one you got. Your photos captured the colors so vividly yet harmoniously. It sure looks better than the pics on the H site. Also want to congrat you on finding the neat little Zodiac gavroches. My store never has them as the people here are only crazy about the 90cms. Thank you for sharing!


May 29, 2007
Congrats on your new silks - they are lovely! I had the same issue with the colorways that I liked not liking me back - but luckily for us there are lots to choose from.


Confirmed Shopaholic
Oct 25, 2006
Congratulations on such beautiful scarves and accessories! :welcome2: to the slippery Orange slope!

btw, there has been 4 "Year of the ..." gavroches - the Rat, Buffle (cow), Tigre and Lievre


thanks so much, robee, littlemissmafia, mrssparkles, Elina0408,bagmad73, lanit, lulilu, Lyanna Stark, purplebirkins, restricter, Florasun, GUCCIhoochie, Emily L and amberle for your kind comments! So happy to be able to share with you.

robee ~ It's an unexpected turbo charged do not pass go, do not collect $200 entry to the Orange Side, LOL! You've been a lovely inspiration of course :biggrin: Your beautiful collection has me hankering for something in cashmere now ..... ok, not NOW now, but maybe after a decent amount of time now.

mrssparkles ~ I'm afraid that once one has ventured into the Orange Side, there's no turning back! Hahahahha! Is this what it's like in the first throes of Orange Infatuation ... my poor non-H scarves are being sooooo neglected.

lanit ~ The last scarf purchase -- the silk jersey -- was inspired by you! You wear your jerseys soooooo well, I just *had* to get at least one and try to do it justice the way you do your lovelies.

purplebirkins ~ Thanks for your kind comments on my really not-very-good photos! The colours on the violet fleurs d'indiennes are truly DIVINE in person. To be honest, it looked a little too loud when it was just sitting there, but came to joyous, wild life the moment I tied in on. This was definitely a lust at first sight purchase. LOL!

Florasun ~ You're so right about how good it is that there are a multitude of colourways -- there is sure to be something to suit you (and OH NO, groans the wallet/credit card. Hahahhaha!)

GUCCIhoochie ~ Thanks so much! I guess I'll have to hunt down the Rat and Ox. Hahahhahahha!

Thank you all once again for letting me share. I'm typing all this with a big goofy grin which I'm sure is going to be stuck on my face for a while. LOL!


Nov 29, 2010
SCinSG, congratulations! They all are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I've really enjoyed your reveal and you have much more joy ahead - wearing all these beauties! :tup: