Ten Of The World's Most Expensive Jewels

  1. now that's some exspensive bling...everything's so pretty and shiny! Thanks for posting that Prada's Meadow!
  2. Mmm.. sparkle sparkle !
  3. stunning.....thanks for posting...
  4. Wowwie...I love things that sparkle!
  5. Wow... stunning!!! I WANT! ;)
  6. I seriously want this:

    © Harry Winston

    Harry Winston
    Extraordinary Diamond Drop Earrings
    $8.5 million

    I'll take it as an engagement "ring." :nuts:
  7. Or this one

    © William Goldberg

    William Goldberg
    Fancy Colored Diamond Necklace
    $2 million

    What surprises me is that these prices don't seem that expensive to me. I think I have become delusional!
  8. I love this!

    © Cartier

    Panther Brooch
    $1.1 million
  9. i want that blue diamond ring! unfortunately, i don't have 2 million lying around.
  10. i really like these too:nuts: :drool: :heart:
  11. Wow, I thought that was really going to knock my socks off - b/c I am like a dog and get completely distracted by shiny objects... but a lot of that stuff just looks a little (dare I say it) tacky?? The diamond drops look like they'd rip your ear open. The ring is gorgeo, tho.

    That's it. I'm done.
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