Tempting Fate...

  1. I am sooo bad, but for months have just been LV obsessed, have not bought clothes are salons appointments or anything... so, decided to get my hair done, and (in my middle age) have turned into such a risk taker... I decided to take my Perle Bedford, there was a thread quite a while back about a pfer getting her Cherry Blossom pap ruined while getting a haircolor, so here I go. I tell my new colorist, I want a color robe specially for my bag and tell him the story... so, we get the robe, wrap her up tightly and she gets to rest on a special seat... I get my hair all nice shiny new and cut, and then an old guy friend calls right when I'm done, and I get to go out have a nice Greek dinner, let him treat and rock my perle bedford... no stains, no accidents,,, and she's still gorgeous, using her for work today too:wlae:

    Gotta use the delicate bags... GOT TO! All my bags are in constant rotation... so, they all get the same type of wear and they all live my life with me... No one is excluded or left in the closet alone... plus, after the bedtime thread, I bring my LV to bedroom and sit her on chase lounge happily tucked in beside me...:nuts:

    What a crazy place this has taught me to be more of a nut than I already am...:rolleyes:

    right on.
  2. The way that story started I thought was going to be a bad ending but phew no bad news in this one. Congrats on the new haircut and dinner and you rock that bedford girl!!
  3. No bad endings!!! Just a risk taker, that's all.... heehee
  4. lol, i thought it waa going to be a bad ending as well!!! congrats x
  5. yes, i was doing this....:sweatdrop: and was worried i was gonna be doing this:sad: ...you really are a temptress vee!
    good for you--use your bags and be happy!
    i tempt fate too, came this close to ruining my pommes flat pouch trying to tweak it, but luckily, she is fine and with two looks instead of one now...:p

  6. I know Mick! When you said you were gonna do that, I was like:confused1: :wtf: :sweatdrop: oh, no. But, congrats for pulling it off as usual... how cool that she now has an evil twin look...:supacool:
  7. LOL, now I think I have heard of everything! Vee you crack me up.

    OT, thanks for the card, I have been meaning to PM you and keep forgetting :smile:
  8. :cutesy: :balloon: :dftt:
  9. Way to go! I believe in taking my bags out and using them too. I love that you took your perle Beford to the salon - I bet it was the best looking one there.
  10. The funny thing is the day before I walked by, found the new salon and went in to make an appt., I had my mini lin, and the really cute girl behind the counter goes, oh I love your bag, and I was like really? and held up my LV, but she goes, no the Puma.... the vinyl Puma I use to carry my lunch in sometimes and other oddities that I don't want messing up my LV....lol... ooookkkkaaayyyyy... thanks! I guess Puma's cool too, got it in Little Tokyo in LA....but, it's not my babies!!!!
  11. I'm luvin your Toki collection QueenMab, like wow.:yes:
  12. Like everyone else, I was waiting for the bad ending:sweatdrop: . Thank goodness nothing happend. Glad you go to enjoy her:yahoo:
  13. Wow... You know how :nuts: this all makes us sound like. Wrapping your bag up in a special robe and it's own chair???:confused1: Good thing we all support your habits.:p
  14. I'm really glad all went well. Have to laugh picturing a bag dressed in a hair salon robe :roflmfao: but totally understand why those precations are necessary. I'm glad that nothing bad happened.
  15. OMG, I also thought 'oh no'....and then a happy ending!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! We're all with ya in that same frame of mind!! ;)