1. Hmmm... I dont really like the gold on there....especially the cover over the watch face....The price is pretty sweet though...love the pink...ugh I am no help...
  2. Kou! It's a little beauty!!! Do you LOVE it?????
  3. I love the fuchsia ostrich, but I don't know if it's my style. It's one of those that i'll have to try on in person ... Mmm ... do you think it'll look a bit too punkish on me?
  4. Pink and gold is a combination I don't see often ... I don't even know they make that combination in that watch.:yes:
  5. That is really a good price for that piece. I am not too fond of the tetrahedrons, but the color is nice.
  6. I'm not a fan of this watch. The pyramids give a punk rocker appearance and because they protrude so much, will scratch easily.
  7. You're right, I didn't think of the scratches ... Ok, I am going to pass on this. Maybe I should stick with something a bit more lady-like, like the Kelly watch ... with croc strap!:nuts:
  8. The Tetrahedron are also what got to me ... I don't think I can quite pull that off ...
  9. Just trying to save you from another regretful impulse buy, Kou.
  10. Thank you:flowers: . I think I'm just craaaaving something in fuchsia ostrich right now ...
  11. I'd get an "H"-our watch with an ostrich strap...
  12. I say pass for many reasons...just keep your eyes open...more sweeter things will pop up
  13. I totally agree with KB! There will be many more things that will catch your eye!!
  14. i'm alone here in loving the punk quality.
    love punk.
    this is pink punk.
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