Temporary shut down of H store for VIP

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  1. I was about to walk in a H shop in Hong Kong (causeway bay shop in HK side) in a peak hour time (7pm Sunday) but the entrance was blocked by a metal bar. The sales came to me and said it was closed down temporarily. I saw there were 4 clients inside, 2 pairs of couple - 1 younger couple and 1 older couple. I could not recognise who they are, but was sure they are not any well-known Hong Kong celebraties or tycoons.

    I knew that H shop or other brand name shop do shut down their shop temporarily for special clients, but only after the shop closes, as far as I can see.

    I think the shut down is either due to - the client is a VVIP OR the client is making super big purchases, and there are not enough sales to manage.

    What do you think of this practice? I think it will be better to shut down during non-peak hours.
  2. Wow! I with you diamond lover, it's best to shut down during non-peak hours! I understand that sometimes these things can't be done during non-peak hours, but if I were a VIP, I'd try my damnist not to put other people out!

  3. You should live in Bangkok. You'll get used to it. When a certain member of the royal family leaves the house, everything around said person grinds to a halt.

    Tolerance levels for such incidences vary from country to country and culture to culture. The level of meritocracy of course, will affect everything.
  4. I know for a fact that if you have an American Express Centurion card that any store you shop in will shut down just for you (any time).

    I don't know if people in HK can have AMEX cards, but this is what happens in the US. Believe me, most of the people who have these cards look normal (not overly wealthy looking).
  5. Yes, in Hong Kong, the very rich do have the AMEX centurion card. However, I don't see how it works. Do those card holders walk in the shop and show the SA their AMEX card, then the SA would know what to do (i.e. to shut down the shop)? Or when the client is abt to make the payment, the SA closes down the shop? I don't have this centurion card, so really have no idea how it works.

    I understood the very rich or some famous people do have some privelege, however, it all depends on the policy of the shop.

  6. :supacool: Centurion card is getting more common in HK, no longer a creme de la creme thing or whatever. But I'm not sure a mere Centurion member can ask the shop to be closed just for the cardholder's own shopping - imagine the loss of business for that period of time. If you are a constant patron of the brand, simply the SAs will reserve the nice goodies or you just pay the stuff (without looking) and the merchandise be delivered to you home.
  7. My own experience at Causeway Bay Sogo is: if there are too many people in the consignment shop (e.g. Dior, Gucci, Prada at the ground floor), they'll put the bar and rope at the entrance, so that they'll let the people in once the shop is more cleared. There can be loads of customers and the shop wouldn't want the goods being stolen, or the pickpockets getting into the crowd.
  8. No, I believe the client must call the AMEX Centurion Concierge first, then the Concierge calls the store to set it up.

    As a boutiqe owner, I know that if the AMEX Concierge calls, you shut down the store for that person. I do believe they have to call the Concierge first. We do it as a favor because it is likely they will spend a lot in the store.

    Most of the "Black Carders" don't ask to shut down the store, and the ones who do (in my experience) are mostly Nouveau Riche. I have the Black Carders in my boutque all the time, and most of them do not flaunt the fact that it is so prestigious to hold such a card. You have to spend a minimum of $250,000 USD per year and pay a membership fee of $5,000 per year just to have one... and you have to be invited by AMEX. I believe they did this to make these people feel special, which they are (financially).

    I'm sure these people were Black Carders, but I don't think it's very nice of them to do that... as Hermes is all about understated elegance (and that's pretty showy).
  9. I am fairly certain a shop will never close just for me, but I find this to be such an interesting practice. I understand that a high profile person is always being followed and swarmed so it would be nice to shop in private.

    thanks for sharing your story!
  10. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I learned something new!
  11. kolibriszuka, what do you sell?

    Regarding the store being temporarily closed for a customer .... maybe it's the store manager's own prerogative to do it, to show respect and appreciation to the customer? The customer may not have asked for the special treatment? And they may not necessarily be Black Card holders. Or maybe the manager's doing what GF's store manager did, her store was closed just for GF to shop on her birthday!
  12. I own a small boutique in an exclusive resort community in Northern Michigan. I sell resort type clothing, (such as See by Chloe, Adam + Eve, etc...) but most of the customers are regular clients who live here in the summer. They have multi-million dollar homes here, and a few are Black Carders.

    As far as your H store being temporarily closed down as a treat for some special client, or a girlfriend... I would think that Hermes corporate would want to know about it first and maybe not approve. I think Hermes knows that it's bread and butter comes from all of the small sales they do every day, not everyone who walks in is going to buy a Birkin.
    I believe they would know when to say "no" to a client, and I also believe that the Centurion card was the likely culprit of this scenario. The store may not like closing down during peak business hours, but will concede because they know they will likely sell a lot (and to keep their relationship with AMEX on a good note).

    If I were the VIP, I would probably ask to come in after hours (or before) to shop. These are just my assumptions, based on my experience.
  13. hm. i want a centurion card. lol.
  14. HaHa! Who doesn't?:queen:
  15. I can understand closing down a shop (Hermes or otherwise) if it's a matter of security (royalty or high gov't official), but then why wouldn't these people just ask to come in during non-business hours so security would be easier for all.

    I recently met a young couple who have just moved back to our town (a mid-size midwestern city) where the wife grew-up. Her husband is a hedge fund manager and spends the week in NYC in a small apt they own there. They made the decision to move back here (they were living in Greenwich CT) when their then 10 year old daughter announced that she wanted an AmEx Black Card for her 16th birthday like several of her friends' older sisters. She said she wanted it so she could shut down stores to shop with her friends. That was it for her parents! They put their house up for sale and moved - a wise decision on their part. The thought of some spoiled, bratty 16 year old with her own Black Card closing a shop is nothing less than appalling to me, and as a customer, I'd be outraged. Surely AmEx can think up something less offensive as a "bonus" for this ridiculous card.
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