Temporary-ness of Toki for LeSportsac


How do you feel

  1. Terrible, it should be a permanent line.

  2. Good, I won't have to spend so much money anymore

  3. Oh well, that's the way it is.

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  1. How do you guys feel about the fact that Tokidoki for LeSportsac will be ending this year?
  2. relieved! i actually don't like being a bag brand whore o.o
  3. Yah I agree, relieved.

    I LOVE my tokis and except for the (mythical) Foresta Zucca, I have everything I want... until the next print comes out! So my bank account will be very happy when there are no "next prints"!
  4. i just found tokis. it's sad it's already ending. :s
  5. its ending but the tokidoki line isn't! n that leaves us with tons more NEW tokidoki waiting...just on a cheaper scale =)

    i'm just glad that i won't have tokidoki bags on my mind 24/7..that's how i've been this entire YEAR! x.x insanity!
  6. While I know it's better for me and my bank account that the Tokidoki/Lesportsac collaberation is coming to an end, still, I am sad. It's hard to think about this all coming to an end in 4+ months. What will happen to our happy little forum???:crybaby:
  7. I love the Tokidoki for LeSportsac line, but I feel that the latest bags have been...not rubbing me the right way. Just my opinion, of course, but if the bags keep shoving oodles and oodles and oodles of characters EVERYWHERE for the hell of it...

    And while tokidoki is still going on, I prefer the for LeSportsac bags. I'm really bummed out that the last 4 styles are a real no-no for me....:sad:
  8. Im relieved thats its going to be over..my bank acct has been :crybaby: haha..

    well at least there is the toki collab with hk :biggrin: so something else to look forward to :p
  9. lesportsac bags will be ending.. but i'm sure there will be other things to buy! haha! in a way i'm kind of happy that there are only a few more left..
  10. sad but w/ relief :smile: I've liked lesportsac since i visited korea a few years ago (they have waaay cuter prints in Asia) cuz they are lightweight and not everyone and their mom and grandma has it (ie. LV, gucci, prada--not that anything is wrong with these... just not for me) So, when tokidoki collaborated, i was super excited! but all great things eventually come to an end or else we'd end up owning like 300 bags and the toki-idol #10 would have like 1000+bags!
  11. I am sooooo happy it'll be ending. I haven't been "into" anything like this since I was a child and bought up everything Pochacco!! I love my Coach bags, but I would want one every once in a while because I had to wait for a style to come out that I liked and then I'd get it. With tokidoki, I love so many of the prints and styles and they come out one after the other - boom boom boom - and I'm spending money in such a short period of time instead of spaced out like Coach...
  12. I second many of your sentiments. I caught on the tokivirus late and I sure hope to recuperate soon! :smile: All good things must come to an end. I am relieved that the madness (at least for me) will subside soon. But with that said, Tokidoki bags will be more sought after and if the L.A.M.B line is any indication, many sellers will be laughing to the bank!
  13. by it going away, it makes it that much more exciting to get, if it continued it'd get boring I think for me. I'm probably at my height of nuts spending and I guess I'm glad now then in 8 months when they're harder to find and even more expensive!!

    It'd be neat if maybe he did a one a year thing with lesportsac just for fun.
  14. My BF's wallet sure is glad it's ending :wlae:now he can go back to collecting his Nike's :rolleyes:
  15. haha... my bf is glad also because he doesn't like me spending so much...

    altho I'm starting an addiction to designer vinyl toys and I always collected manga (but I'm selling off a few series now because of tokidoki)