Temporarily attaching keys to a mini skinny

  1. When I take my little buddy (dog) for two of his favorite activities - a ride in car - for a walk in the park. I like to slip the DL a cc the auto club card and a little cash in to a skinny and I like to temporarily attach my keys to the skinny (since being on TPF I now have a little skinny collection and I don't use the same one every time) :yes:

    I got the idea to use the Amanda key ring - it has a vallet clip - but it's a bit heavy - and it contrasts with the brass skinnies! Seing the Comic Key chain gave me an idea - what about those little dog leash clips! They might be lighter. I wonder if you can get those?

    Do you ladies switch your keys around between skinnies - do you do anything to make it easy?
  2. I use my skinny for my work keys and my access card so I never switch it around. DH just ordered me a new skinny to match my new bag so I dont know.... I am debating using it for my keys or just as a case for cash. Its so big to use as an every day key chain.
  3. I agree about it being too big for every day - I use just a plain ring - the "car beepy thingie" (technical term) is big enough. Maybe I should just give up on the thought of attaching the keys to the skinny and just use them to hold the cards and cash - for slipping in my pocket.
  4. i definately do not keep my keys on my mini skinny because my mini skinny has all of my frequent shopper cards and change in it....and the bf's business cards
  5. i just use my amanda valet, even though it clashes with the brass. it's not too noticeable anyways.
  6. I just got my first mini skinny for my birthday, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to use it for lol! I'm thinking the frequent shopper cards is a good idea... and maybe my store keys. Hmmmmm:confused1:
  7. i've been thinking about one of these and using it for my keys like i do my lv vernis cles
  8. i used to use my everyday on my keys till i broke it...
  9. I use my skinny for all my change! It's so much better than having my change at the bottom of my purse like I used to :p
  10. I use these to attach my mini skinny to my belt or belt loop as well. It works great!