Tempete or Anthra

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm about to spurge my birthday money on a new bag to add to my small Bal family:biggrin:.. Have been uming and ahhing which one to get. I have 2 citys and a twiggy so looking to get either,

    Tempete GSH DAY or
    Anthra RH First(think i saw it) or
    Anthra GSH Parttime

    Shame i couldnt afford all three:P

    Please help me choose..

  2. Well my vote goes to Anthra GSH PT as I have one. The color is so versatile and goes with everything.
  3. I totally agree with virgo8708
  4. The tempete since I think the color is so beautiful, a lovely blue/grey. I would choose the tempete SGH PT, if given that choice.
  5. Anthra all the way! But I would go GGH
  6. Anthra PT all the way!!! love the Anthra..
  7. Anthra GSH PT
  8. this is the exact same question i'm asking myself! anthra, tempete or plomb!
  9. I would get a plomb if I was able to, such a beautiful color.
  10. Anthra GSH PT. Anthra is a really handy colour to have in your collection.
  11. I vote for SGH Tempete Day - such a pretty color, and looks terrific with SGH.
  12. My vote is for the SGH Tempete Day (stunning color, gorgeous style).
  13. I just bought the anthra city ggh! I love it! Went to SCP, thought I was gonna get the galet or tempete but as soon as I saw the anthra... well you know what happened next! So happy! It was an early bday (august baby) present from my hubby! =) I first saw the anthra pt with sgh. So yes, it caught me eye as soon as I walked in! so my vote is the ANTRA!
  14. Tempete is so chic. Get it.
  15. Anthra pt! ;)