Temma Dahan


Have a nice day!
Jan 14, 2006
I saw a dark blue Temma Dahan that I really like. I have never heard of this designer before and am wondering if anyone has experience with these bags. In terms of quality and durability, can anyone give me a comparison?


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
tln said:

i've never heard anything about her before, but every time i see those bags on bluefly, i think one thing: balenciaga. the shape of the bag and the strap attachment is very similar, so if you like balenciaga but can't swing a grand for a bag, i'd say it's a good purchase because it's the same style without having the exact same details.


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
I so agree with you Amanda. I find that everything Temma does is basically a "rip-off" of some other successful bag.

Charlize Bag - Looks like a cheaper version of the Be&D Satchel
Amber Bag - Sure looks like a version of the Kooba's Claudia Satchel
Lola Bag - "Inspired" by Balenciaga?

It's as if he/she took the bags that were hot on the market and toned them down and marketed them as their own designs. I find this in bad taste.

The good thing though is the prices are much better than the others, but I always find that I like the true designer than someone who takes things off of someone else.

(I didn't intend on this sounding like a rip on Temma, I'm just frustrated when designers don't follow their own.)