telylie's collection

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  1. like everyone else .. i love the damier noe + the paul smith bag!
    esp the paul smith bag. the colours are so pretty!
  2. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing.
  3. What a fun and beautiful collection! You have so much variety...I really like it!
  4. love the kate spade. Cute! i was eyeing that one myself a while back
  5. You ONLY started a year ago? :blink: I have to say, you've done a great job! I've been a handbag addict since college, and your collection is larger than mine. Very nice! :biggrin:
  6. Ditto. I'm a kate spade fan.
  7. haha. finally, someone i ACTUALLY know in the purseforum!!

    this is really too FUNNY for words!!

    btw, i love the vintage damier noe. (this actually surprises me coz im not a huge fan of drawstring bags but yours is GORGEOUS!!) haha.
  8. Welcome! Great collection!
  9. I like that Gucci handbag. =)
  10. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!
  11. HANNAPPLE! You are the greatest! Thanks! You must post your own collection....NOW hahaha kidding!
  12. love you LV
  13. great collection! ;)

  14. I don't know what your talking about "small collection" that's a BIG collection,... good work,. What's going to be your next fix?

    p.s. Love all the bags,..
  15. It's a great collection. congratulations!