telylie's collection

  1. Hi there everyone! I'm new and I want my first post to be a showcase of my small, but growing (i just started a year ago) collection... :smile: Hope you guys like it!
    bag collection.JPG coach col.JPG gucci col.JPG lv col.JPG others col.JPG
  2. I'm missing out on the small collection part. ;) Welcome to the PF!
  3. Good girl !!! you have great taste, start as you mean to go on! You will get all the love and support you will need in this forum

  4. You have a very impressive collection for only a year in the making!!!! Nice variety! Thanks for posting pics!
  5. hey, love the collection!! especially the gucci!!
  6. nice collection! haha it really isn't small!!
  7. very nice! love the gucci's!!
  8. THEY ALL SO CUTE;; love the damier canvas
  9. Very nice! Love the Damier noe and your Paul Smith. Very nice!
  10. Great collection!! Especially the Louis!
  11. THANK YOU PEOPLE!!! Btw, the LV damier canvas is vintage, its a hand me down from my mom.
  12. Thanks!!! My Paul Smith is a favorite! :smile: Glad you guys liked it... I love this forum! hehe
  13. Wow, and you only started a year ago :blink:

    Love your Damier Noe :smile:
  14. Thanks for sharing your's lovely.
  15. Wow, all that in one year?? :biggrin: Gorgeous :love: