Telling your DH

  1. Share the creative ways you told your DH. We aren't trying just yet but I'd love to hear how you shared the great news with him!
  2. Mine is more of a story of how NOT to tell him. I'd been off the Pill for about 3 months, after having been on it for 15+ years. My cycles were really long and off still, waiting for them to stabilize. However, in July, I was just feeling off: tummy troubles, really emotional, etc. We kept thinking I might be pregnant. Took three HPTs, all negative.

    DH went on a business trip and I was on about day 48 of my cycle. They'd been long, but this was ridiculous, so in the morning, before work, I took another. Well, of course, that one was positive. I took another to be sure. Yep. Called the doctor's office to go in for the blood test.

    Called DH afterward, in the middle of the conference he was speaking at. Asked when he'd have a break to talk. He was completely stressed out, since an associate who was supposed to go along and do some co-marketing bailed when his flight was delayed. So he was really terse and said he didn't have any breaks until after 11 PM. I asked about after the conference/before dinner. Well, he was going to be really busy. Could he call for just a minute then? What's it about? Finally, after a few minutes of him wanting to know why I needed to talk so badly, I just blurted it out.

    I still give him a hard time about being such a PITA and not just saying, "Sure, honey, I have a break at 6, I'll give you a call."
  3. I pretty much just held up the positve pregnancy test so he could see it. Very un-romantic.

    But next time, I'm going to have my daughter wear a shirt that says 'Big Sister'. Then I'll just wait until he reads her shirt. I can already hear him saying, "Oh look at you, did you get a new shirt? Big sister?"
  4. ^^^My SIL sent her son in with a shirt that said big brother. It was soooo cute.

    I put my pregnancy stick inside a Coach watch box and gave it to DH as a gift. He doesn't like anything luxe and was freaking out before he opened the box. When he opened it he was confused and had no idea what the stick was. Typical man.
  5. Mine wasn't very creative at all, I woke him up in the morning and was like, "honey, I'm pregnant", ha!
  6. Ok Rileygirl that made me LOL. Because I could so see myslef doing the to my DH. He doesn't understand luxe, unless its LLBean! LOL!
  7. We went to get the HPT together and then after I peed on the stick, I just said "you want to see it?" Not romantic, but we've been ttc-ing for almost a year. We've both been getting really anxious, so it's best for him to know asap.
  8. Mine isn't creative or anything. I was about to go on my morning walk and I was only a few days late which wasn't unusual at all but for some reason I decided to take a preg. test. So it looked positive but I thought it was just wishful thinking. So he was still sleeping and I was giving him a goodbye kiss I said "I just took a pregnancy test and I think I might be pregnant". I think he thought it was wishful thinking too because he just kind of shined me on... so then I got home and called my dr. to make an appt. to get a test done at the office and so he was in the waiting room and I came out with a huge smile and he just knew.
  9. Well, I'm since remarried but I will tell what I did with my ex-husband 8 years ago! He is a baseball fan. I went and bought a newborn-size onsie of his favorite baseball team. It was like a mini jersey with the stripes and logo...sooooo cute! I wrapped it and gave it to him as a gift. It wasn't his birthday or anything so it was a surprise gift. Anyway, he knew as soon as he opened it! It was cute.
  10. Mine already knew since I kept complaining that Aunt Flo hadn't arrived yet. So about a week after my missed period, we bought a HPT and lo and behold it was a +. He wasn't surprised at all. lol. Not creative either.
  11. back in that time I used to collect precious moments, we had figurines of every single "precious moment" like the wedding, the honeymoon, etc. I gave the pregnant girl figurine wrapped as a gift for him. It was sweet.
  12. Love these stories!!
  13. I kept telling my husband i thought i was pregnant but he didn't believe me because i always said that whenever my period was late. So i took 2 HPT (just to be sure!) and when he got home i shoved both of them in his face and said "I told you so... HAH!" he kept congratulating me for it for the next few hours :lol: Kept saying "well done!"
  14. LMAO!!!!!

    that is too cute!!!

    "well done!!"
  15. I just found out that i was pregnant last night and I thought about doing the same thing with my son and have my mother in law come over!

    I was so freaked out that I was pregnant last night when I called my husband. He answered the phone and said "Hi, can't talk, I'm in the Operating Room right now." I yelled back "I don't care, I'm effing pregnant!" Now I feel so bad that I was hysterical and blurted it out like that! Oh well, I'm blaming it on hormones;)