Telling people

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  1. Do you ever get in a conversation and mention that you are trying TTC and then afterwards totally regret it??

    I don't know WHAT is my deal, but I feel compelled to tell just about every pregnant women that I am TTC. And after the conversation I am like "Why can't you STOP telling people!!" It is like I have diaharrea of the mouth and just can't restrain myself. :throwup:

    Then, when I don't get pregnant I feel SOOOO stupid. And I hate that I have told so many people... oh well... I guess that will just make it that more exciting when it does happen, 'cause I will have ALOT of people to tell. :P
  2. I also told many people as well and i wish i hadn't. Hubby didnt like it at all. He said it's something personal, and shouldn't have been shared with other.

    Cuz, of course no one told me that they were TTC..and i felt stupid. Also, everytime i went to NJ, people asked, soo any good news??? that was an annoying question.
  3. I am so the same way! Now I wish that we didn't tell anyone about the treatments because of course everyone wants to know how it's going or how the IVF, IUI's went.. And of course they all didn't go well and I just break down and cry when they ask me! But over time, it's gotten easier.. they pretty much know not to ask anymore...
  4. We haven't really told anyone that we're TTC. Not even my own mom!
  5. I am the opposite.
    I find myself just telling people that we are "thinking a lot about it"...
    I am so superstitious ONLY where TTC is concerned. I feel like if I tell people we are trying, then I will jinx it and it won't happen, or I'm going to have problems.
    That's such an illogical way of thinking, I know, but I guess I am a tad neurotic concerning this topic..:s
  6. I find also that people, even just acquaintances, will often ask a lot about TTC, not knowing what kind of can of worms they are opening. "So aren't you all going to start a family?" Or "When are you going to have another one?" Or my grandmother asking my mother, "Does Sarah just not want to have children?"

    It's such a loaded question. They don't want to hear, "Well, we would just be delighted if the stork would pay us a visit, but that pesky bird has cost us about $40,000 and in 6 years we've been lucky to see him once, so I'm just not sure when we'll see him again."

    I usually just mumble something about "when the time is right," but it always feels kind of dishonest.
  7. I do feel the same way. Now each month they always ask "'s it going?" Or " have you started yet?" It never ends and I should have kept my mouth shut!!
  8. My DH would DIE if he knew all his personal info was on here! He too thinks I need to keep my big yapper shut (my words, not his).

    That is the other thing that drives me crazy (I could start a thread on this) people who are trying don't tell anyone, and don't tell anyone that they are pregnant for MONTHS and the whole time they know you are trying... they do the fake drinking thing, etc. I completely understand why people do it, but I feel like and idiot when they announce they are pregnant. It has happened to me twice in the last 6 months and I feel like I need to crawl under a rock when I see them.
  9. I only tell very few of my friends that we were trying. Maybe only four of them. I didn't even tell my mom.

    I learned it from one of my friend. It took her more than a year. She told everyone that they were trying. "why is still no baby?" became a subject at every gathering. Therefore, we didn't tell anyone about TTC. Everyone was shocked a little bit when we told them we were pregnant for 3 months.
  10. I've been married 2 1/2 yrs and am 38... it is pretty damn obvious we have been trying and nothing is happening.

    Hmm, the best was my best friends jack as_ of a husband saying, "So what's going on? Do you need some help? Maybe I can give you my super sperm and you can have my baby too" I cussed him out. Yeah, he is just so funny, huh?
  11. UGH! What nerve! I'm sure they didn't mean anything but people just don't think..
  12. Oh God, no thanks! I don't want his hurtful humor in my family!
  13. [​IMG]:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  14. OMG. I would have said, "No thanks, I do want a normal child." The nerve of some people.
  15. :rolleyes::nogood: Whatta douche bag!