Telle about your favorite tote bag!

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  1. #1 Apr 14, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2016
    Hi guys, rummaging through my collection I realized that I don't have a quintessential tote and am wondering what I should get. There are so many out there!

    So please tell me about your favorite one! I wanna know everything! Is it big? Is it leather or canvas or something else altogether? Does it have closure? Is it the lining? Super lightweight? Waterproof? What do you use it for? Everyday or when you go on a date with your hubby?

    Essentially, why is it your favorite tote?
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    I think I've always had a thing for simple totes, Summer especially, so practical. Great for shopping, day out even, work.

    For me it made sense to go for something strong and semi-structured around 35/36 cm. For traveling it can be bigger but less structured so not to add too much weight.

    What's your budget? I know my current faves are on the pricey end

    Hermes all-leather Garden Party 36cm, but deep with an inside pocket. Folds in smaller on the sides and poppers shut
    Gucci leather Flora-print tote 36cm and deep. Inside pocket and open pocket. Has a leather strap and magnet that closes
    BV Pourpre python Tote 38cm. Inside pockets to both sides and a phone pocket.

    If I was buying another, I'd probably go for another H GP or a Gucci Bamboo shopper but if budget was less a Mansur Gavriel would be just as welcome
  3. I recently got my hands on THE tote - I had spent a long time lusting after it and found a pristine preloved for a great price. My life is now complete. And I'm not completely joking when I say that...feels like that one important thing that was missing from my collection is now here.

    The tote in question is the Diane von Furstenberg Voyage Ready-to-Go Tote in black croc print. It's lined with bright red suede and it's an open design. On the inside there's one open and one zipped pocket, the straps are just the right length (25 cm/12 inch drop) and narrow enough to
    stay on my shoulder. There's nothing excessive about the bag; just subtle hardware and branding - nothing screams what it is, if you know what I mean. The bag itself with its gorgeous croc print is enough of a statement.

    The croc print vanished from my radar a year back, but now it's on the Outnet in several different colors and two sizes; the Large in yellow (which I have in black) and Small in red. There's also a gorgeous gingham/colorblock version of it.
    I was actually in a bit of a pickle with the gingham version, because I had to choose between it and the black one I ended up buying. Still kinda bothers me.

    I think Ms von Furstenberg has got the right idea with her tote bags, I'm pretty sure if I get in the situation where I have to replace the Voyage, the new tote will also be from the DvF family.
  4. Sorry, my favorite tote isn't a designer tote. Rather, it's from a men's clothing brand called Apolis. Their totes are made in Bangladesh, is made out of jute with leather handles, and is super attractive and durable to boot. I have 2 of their bags: the Market tote and Garden tote. I have used the Market tote as a shopping bag every time I go out. The interior is made out of PVC so it's easy to clean. The only downside with the Market tote is the handles are short so they're strictly hand-held. Which can make the bag heavy when there's lots of stuff inside.

    And best of all? The Apolis Market bag helps support the women in Bangladesh by providing them jobs. I'll provide the link below if you want to read up more about the story behind "The Bangladesh Project."

    That is why I only carry Apolis totes. I've been carrying the Market tote for awhile now and it's held up very well. The Garden tote is a bit smaller, have more pockets, and longer handles so I tend to use this more as a purse. I love it and I am actually considering on buying more of their bags in the future.
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  5. My favorite is a pebbled leather tote from Coach. It has a zipper closure and is lightweight. It has a good shoulder drop and is comfy to wear. Right now it's my everyday bag since it's just so easy to carry and fits everything. It is 16" across the top, 10.5" tall, and 5" wide on the bottom. I love the thick leather and the fact that it stands up in its own when sitting on the counter, car seat, etc.

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    I don't have a favorite tote but I do like several totes. None of my totes are designer unless you count Longchamp & Tumi as one. I like my totes to be lightweight, nylon, zipper closure, colourful and washable. I used to buy LesSportSacs and Tumi. Now it's mostly Longchamps and a few canvas totes by local artisans I acquired on my travels.

    My totes are for carrying anything and everything: books, sweater, food, gym shoes, workout clothes, etc. even my handbag when I need to protect it while in transit. Right now, this is the tote I reach for the most.

    ETA: Do Envirosax count? Because I think I have quite a few. :biggrin:

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  7. I don't have a budget... But all the totes seem so similar to me so I wanted to find out what everyone liked and see if it could help me choose! Also I love reading bag analysis!

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  8. Lo and Sons' TT (Travel Tote) is my favorite. It's lightweight, durable and has a place for everything. Having a tote that zips closed is essential to me, so that's another thing I like about it.

    Tumi makes great work-appropriate tote bags, too.
  9. I love the free, cloth ones companies give me.
    Which have printed everything from drug company names to "feed the moose!"
    They live approximately 6 months--then are ripped to horrible, grey shreds by my adventures.

    Handbag totes?
    Mulberry alice or bayswater.
    Alice wore a glengarry cap last summer, as we screamed through Scottish festival.
    And I would wish to tunnel deep into classic bays, as sleepy badger during winter.
  10. Saw pretty green h gp other day & thought of you.

    Still haven't been convinced by h bags. They show them to me, I smile blankly.
    Then buy another scarf. :biggrin:
  11. I admired your Alice in the Mulberry forum. Does the Alice stand up by itself or is it too slouchy for that?
  12. Thanks. :smile:
    Will stand, when stuffed. As in stored.
    Otherwise, bit puddly.
    Can set down as use, on feet, & will not fall over.
    But collapses to form the dumbo/elephant ears @ top. ;)

    Hope helps.
  13. I'm flattered :cool:

    I have a relatively small H bag collection, scarves however :loveeyes:
  14. Thanks remainsilly! :smile:
  15. I would suggest a peek at the Roots line of totes, excellent leather quality and handmade in their factory, located in Toronto, Canada.

    Personally, i have only ever owned a small version, but they make a whole line that can carry loads and is made of very heavy duty leathers if required. That all said I do own many of their other styles of bags and accessories so can attest to them lasting ages and gaining more character as they age.
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