Tell Us Your Personalized License Plate!

  1. I'm debating on a few myself....I have a couple of very cool ones in mind.....but everyone seems to have taken what I want!!!:crybaby: What do you guys have on YOUR car!!?:wlae:
  2. No personalised ones here :crybaby: so no help. Sowwy!
  3. Well...You can't personalise too much here in Germany, but mine is:

    MT 607, which is my Initials Melanie T., and then my birthday 6 July :smile:
  4. My car is a limited edition, hence LTD EDN.
  5. won't say what mine is but it's pretty clever!! ;)

    my friend had INJYPRN which she swears was injury prone but read this out loud and you figure out what it really says!

    for those challenged: I ENJOY PORN!
  6. I used to have ALL U GET on my Jeep.It's from a k.d.lang lyric: "I might not be all you want, but it's all you get, it's me."
  7. I don't have one, but on our old car, my dad got the first initials of all five of his children.
  8. Mine are not personalized sorry I am of no help.
  9. I love that! :roflmfao:
  10. Lol... That's cute and hillarious at the same time!
  11. I have a VW beetle and have a private BUG plate, but I dont want to put the whole number on here ;) :biggrin:

    Its a great idea for a thread, but dont put your whole reg number on a forum, as honestly people steal these numbers, ring cars, and could use your number (it really does happen), and you can find yourself with parking fines, speeding fines and lots of other issues!
  12. LOL :roflmfao: That's a clever one. No help here either, I don't have a non-personalized one. haha, but I saw one that said, "NIPS".. lol, lets hope it means Cheese Nips the cracker or something.
  13. Mine is "PUGVDUB." I have a Volkswagen (VW;V-DUB) Passat and have 3 pug dogs. :p
  14. That's all that was meant - just to have fun!:woohoo: No - don't put any silly stuff, you know - vehicle registration numbers, etc. No no - just the fun stuff. Don't say what state, nuthin'! :rolleyes: Just the good stuff! I'm in the midst of trying to find one myself but everything I choose has already been done!!!!:shrugs:
  15. When I still lived in my home state, I had a five numbered plate which had been my Mom's given to her by her dad! It was very special to me!

    But then I moved! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get it back someday...soon!