Tell us which Sabrina is your favorite and why?

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  1. Now that I own 5 Coach Sabrina's I was wondering which Sabrina's are your favorite's? My favorite changes quite often, but I guess I would have to say that the Large Parchment has been and remains my favorite. :thinking:
  2. I have two: small resort Sabrina and small patent camel Sabrina.

    The camel is my favorite. The patent leather looks great, she goes with just about everything, and is a great color for all seasons. I LOVE the chain strap, too. I wish she was a tiny bit bigger, but the large Sabrina was just too big for me.

    Here's a pic of her. You guys have probably seen it before, but I'm just so proud of her! I don't care if you're sick of seeing her. :P

  3. My favorite sabrina is the small/medium black patent one. I just love the hardware on that bag, and the chain strap! Also the color just goes with everything.
  4. She is stunning. I am pondering whether to buy a large patent Sabrina. I just called JAX and the graphite and cobalt are the only 2 colors available right now. Since I already have a black patent (small) I think I may buy the cobalt one. After that I should ban myself. (ya - right).
  5. ITA. I use mine at least once or twice a week. Can't seem to take my eyes off her. :yahoo:
  6. I'm loving the new patent colors (graphite and cobalt). But I also always admired teal and berry as well.
  7. If you are near an outlet, there are some patent Sabrinas showing up. Maybe give them a call first if you like the older colors.

    Especially since cobalt and graphite don't have the chain strap. If you like that, I mean.
  8. So far I don't have much to compare to, but I'm still very much loving my metallic silver!
  9. I like the large black/brass and the large berry
  10. I love your metallic silver too! I hunted for it for awhile.
  11. My ABSOLUTE favorite Sabrina is the black patent fashion Sabrina LARGE!
    This would be followed closely by the magenta or berry.
    I own 1 Sabrina (used to have 2) and low and behold it's none of the 3 above mentioned!! LOL
  12. Huge fan of cherry!
  13. My favorite by far is my silver one but it is not an everyday bag so I don't use it that often. I love my teal one too but I really prefer the small size. My ultimate would be a black patent small/med if I ever find one.

    Almost forgot about my magenta one, she is gorgeous and the perfect size.
  14. Steel, Teal, and Magenta are my favs. Ironically, I own black lol
  15. I think the berry Sabrina is gorgeous :smile: such a great color!
    I have an espresso, which I love, but I think berry is simply beautiful.