Tell us where you're traveling to?

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  1. Hey everyone, I thought it would be nice if we could have a thread of where people go on their trips. You already know that there are tPf'ers in pretty much every city so if you come here and post where you are going, then maybe you could meet for lunch or shopping and then post the pics here. We could have a whole album of members meeting each other. Lemme know what you think. ~Jess
  2. Oh and I, personally, will be traveling to St. Lake City and staying with my mom for an entire month next January. I may also be going for a short visit sometime between them if I only have one rotation this summer.
  3. just back from london and now off to germany on tuesday for a while
  4. Leaving for Florida a packing frenzy!
  6. punta cana this summer :smile:
  7. In august i'm going to singapore, bangkok and hong kong....

    in june i may go to the virgin islands for 4 days for a wedding, but only if work lets me take it off....
  8. Cruise to Northern Europe with my family in the middle of May - Denmark, England, Scotland, Ireland, France. Then resting :smile:
  9. In August, I will be on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia.
  10. Montana- Glacier National Park and Missoula (this summer)
  11. Cruise to the Mediterranean in may with the family and then spending time in Barcelona and Madrid afterwards! Also, study abroad in Chile this June!
  12. Cruising in May from Miami and going to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel!

    In November we are going to Las Vegas and Arizona!
  13. I'll be traveling to OKC and Texas next month for a month to visit kids and grandkids. Can't wait! :smile:
  14. Going to New Orleans for JazzFest the last weekend of April. That is my only trip because I'm on a travel ban.
  15. We're going to Vegas next Saturday with my best friend and her husband. We're celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and her 40th birthday:yahoo:

    I get a text or email every day from her with a!