Tell us where we should go on vacation: Feb-March

  1. Hi everybody,

    We're starting to plan our winter vacation already :tup: ....but. We have no clue where we want to go. We live in Germany and would ideally like to travel to a warm location, where we would possibly be able to go to the beach or use the pool area of the hotel/resort.

    Here are some requirements we have, it's not many:
    • Relatively warm during the end of February, beginning of March.
    • In Europe...We don't want to fly all the way to the Caribbean with a young infant. A few hours is okay, but a 10+ hour flight is out of the question
    • Safe - don't send me to a violent country! :smile:
    Any suggestions??

    We were thinking maybe Egypt or Turkey, but from what I read, they're not all that warm in those months either!
  2. City vacations aren't out of the question either, but we have never really been on a beach/resort vacation and we thought that might be nice!

    I was looking at possibly London, but isn't it crazy cold & rainy/snowy during those months?
  3. canary islands - a lot of people are going there in feb and if you are daring enough you can swim in the sea. BUT, check out where the young crowd are going - otherwise you may find yourself with a bunch of pensioners...

    not too far, not too expensive and lovely at this time of the year. don't know of any truly violent European countries but wanted to add that Egypt isn't european :p. if you are willing to go that far (it is about 5 hrs - I did that with my son at 3 months and will attempt now at 13 months... sigh.. we'll see...) you have a wider scope. think about cyprus maybe? but don't know temperatures.
    oh, I went to Teneriffe for one xmas holiday and the weather was brilliant.

    turkey and egypt can definitely be very cold during these times of the year
  4. I second the Canary islands as I think they tend to be a bit warmer than say Spain come the winter months.
  5. We picked up a travel book today from the travel agent, and there were lots of lovely resorts in the Canary Islands, that had a good star rating (5*) and had good reviews from tripadvisor.

    The thing locations like this, I don't know what there is to do besides going to the beach or spending time at the pool, which is why I thought a city trip might not be bad either!

    I dunno, lol

    Teneriffe looks nice too, from what I saw in the book and on trip advisor! So many places, so little time (and not enough $$! lol)
  6. Fuerteventura is probably my fave Canary Island - the beaches in Jandia are some of the nicest I've seen this side of the pond - white sands, turquoise sea and lots of nice palm trees dotted about. You can go camel riding there too which is pretty fun.

    If you're after a city London is pretty cool, but it's likely to be wet at that time of the year. Still if that doesn't put you off there's plenty to do there, and I probably don't even have to mention how great the shops are. Theres so much tourist stuff to do, you could probably spend a whole week there and not fit it all in.

    What about France? Italy? I've not been to either but I bet they'd make a great vacation.
  7. How about Southern Italy/Siciliy?

  8. We went in March/April a few years ago to Sicily. It wasn't very warm (didn't get above 16 C) but there were plenty of things to see!! I'm an architect, so we did a lot of touring temples, etc. The cities are very nice and quaint. You could also try Capri, but the weather would be about the same.
  9. I looked at possibly going to Paris, but considering that the dates that we could travel are around Valentines Day, the prices were outrageous :wtf:

    I dunno, we still have a lot of time! I guess other than flying to Africa or Australia, we're pretty much out of luck with the "lay on the beach all day" vacation :smile:

    I really would like to go to Rome someday, and that wouldn't be a bad opportunity...I wouldn't think that as many people come in the winter months as do in the spring & summer ones.

    The rain & snow doesn't really bother me...albeit, it does make shopping a bit more difficult and less fun - but that's ok. I'll do some more searching around in some travel books and see what I find that looks interesting!
  10. oh - I just realised a city trip is also ok - in that case I'd have suggested Rome as well. I totally love the place - would go any time I could. plenty to do, and I doubt that it will be as busy as other months. but it could also be expensive around valentine's.

    I should say that for Teneriffe you could do quite a few things - go up on the volcano, take tours around the island, go to the sea water pool bec swimming in the sea wasn't on for us small kids, visit volcano sand beaches, I think we spent about 7 to 10 days and never just hung out on the beach (we went with my grandparents :smile:.
  11. Lisbon, Portugal and then head to coast?? Dunno anything about it as I haven't researched but as soon as the bf fare sale hits... I am there! :tup: Sounds neat anyhow.. and I am tremendously no help!
  12. Go to Barcelona, Spain!!!

    The weather shouldn't be too cold...there's plenty of cultural things to do and see (both artistic and historical) , and the shopping is pretty nice. And don't get me started on the food...the food in Barcelona is really fantastic and not too expensive. :tup:
  13. I would go to Ulqin, Montenegro. Its gourgeous I go there once a year to visit my Family.
  14. Go to the Seychelles! We just got back from there and it's gorgeous. Several of the world's top beaches are located there. Absolutely amazing.
  15. Dubai.. there is everything ! :love: