Tell us how you discovered Toki by lesportsac...

  1. I lov hearing people's story about how they discoverred Toki by lesportsac. I did a search and did not find a similar thrad (but maybe there was one and i just missed it). anyway..let's share our stories. Here is mine:

    The season/year that the citta and citta rose came out. I was passing through bloomingdales to head to coach to pcik out a wallet for my sil. Under normal circumstances i would never stop at the lesportsac display ebcause i never looked at lesportsac twice. (not even for the lamb collab). well i spotted this bright pink, print bag which these cool anime characters and art. i was SHOCKED to see that it was lesportsac.

    i tried on a few of the bags, campeggio, stellina, bella, etc. i loved it at first sight. i then noticed that there were some camo bags, citta and was wowed by them all. then i looked at the price and said no freaking way am i spending $160 on a LESPORTSAC. I had never heard of tokidoki but had heard of qees and t2r toys. i had the sales associate put the bag on hold ofr a bit and went to pick up the wallet. on the way to get the wallet and on the wya back to bloomies all i could think about was that bag. i was going to get some new shoes with the money and siad "eh, let's get the pink bag."

    i had been posting here on the coach board and discovered a few threads on toki on the main baord. that lead to some research, a preview of the inferno, etc and i was hooked.

    well, my then 7 year old daughter also feel in love with my bag and wanted one of her own. no way. but at christmas al she wanted was a toki so santa brought her an inferno stellina. i got an inferno caramella as well. time passed and money got tighter so no more toki bags joined our fmaily with the excption of an op bambino from hawaii from a family vacation to see my brother graduate from college. i did get a toki shirt and a few of the vinyls.

    fast forward to spiaggia. love happened but money was tight. i got back into toki and in the last week have picked up a l'amore caramella, a pirata bocce and a paradiso porta. I also picked up a op (new edition) porta for darling daughter now 9) to use as a DS older or something similar. i am hoping to add a corriere, treino, bella and a bambinoe (i have a thing for shoulder bags). i want to add something in foresta, playground, adios star as well as spiaggia. (in addition to trasporto and avventuras).

    phew! okay that's my story. i hope some of you found it inetresting.

  2. My story is kind of boring but..... I was walking through Marshall Fields (now Macys) and saw the cutest LeSportsac bag. It was an original print Buon Viaggio. I love Hello Kitty stuff and it reminded me of Sanrio characters. I went to pick up the bag and saw the $160 price tag and was like "WOW" My friend talked me into buying the bag and I am so glad she did. After that I bought a black mamma, and black denaro. I am debating which trasporto to buy, and will for sure buy Vacanze. Anyways that is my story.
  3. Back in the day I was browsing TPF when I came across a thread about Tokidoki in the handbags forum...before there was one of its own.

    I started reading up and went out and bought an Inferno Ciao Ciao like the next day. This was probably in January/February of this year. I'm up to like 8 with 4 more on their way from the SH outlet :tup:. I'm an addict!
  4. last summer in 2006 while i was sitting on the toilet reading my new copy of nylon magazine i saw the ad for the tan playground print i think it was a bella. after that i was determined to find a tokidoki bag!
  5. haha mine is pretty boring, too~ My mom told me that I couldn't bring any of my Dooney's to college with me, so I had to resort to getting a cheap-o bag to use as a purse on campus~ So I figured "hey, LeSportsac... it's a granny purse, they can't be that expensive" and I went to the website - and there, right in the middle of the links, was this awesome pic of one of the girls and her little Pirate friends :p and I was like "OMG"~ So I obviously had to get one~

    And then it was all downhill hahaha~
  6. We were at Singapore Airport in transit in july '06 to go back home to US and browsing through the bags at various shops. I found my daughter(14) looking at all this colorful bags. She was into anything Japanese and this bags just facinated her. I said if you like them, get something cos I have never seen them and not sure whether we can find them in US. Anyway she chosed a playground camo ciao and I got a black OP stellina. They had the black playground and a lot of the OP but I can't buy too many as they were pricy! I wish I pick more then 2 if I knew they were that scarce!
    Anyway when we got home I search the purse forum and indeed the bags exist! I went to Macys but then they never heard of tokidoki then. They do carry the regular Lesportsac bags.
    Anyway, since then my daughter and I were very interested in Tokidoki and have a couple more bags since then , a Famiglia stellina, Adios campeggio and BV, a Spiagia Cucciolio and CR MM and Dolce.
    I am waiting for Trasporto Dolce and a Tutti BV from! And my daughter is waiting for a Vacanze scoula soon.
  7. I became a total purse addict starting at the beginning of this year (after the Ugly Betty Gucci). So I was browsing the purse section on and noticed this cute bag with all these cartoon skulls all over it (Adios Star). Being a huge fan of Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, I noticed the bag... b/c obviously I like cute skeleton things. Anyway, I looked back at it a few times, but didn't really seriously consider getting it. - Then one weekend in May I had a friend in town and we decided to go purse shopping... Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach and Bloomingdale's. Well, Bloomingdale's had the Adios Star bags. I stood there for a while looking at them and wondering if I would ever actually wear it. I didn't get it at the time. But then I kept thinking about it all weekend and couldn't get it out of my mind. That Monday, I went back to Bloomingdale's during my lunch break and got an Adios Star Stellina. - Already being a member on the Purse Forum, I looked over to the Tokidoki forum and then saw some of the older styles. Well, I was a goner. Within the 1st week I had 5 bags (1 from Bloomingdales, 2 from Macys, 2 from eBay). And now it's been about 3 1/2 months and I've managed to accumulate 31 pieces (including accessories). UGGGHHH!!! But I LOVE 'EM, I LOVE 'EM.
  8. I am a recent Tokidoki addict. Last month I got a new, bright orange stroller for DS and I wanted a bright, cheery diaper bag to go with it. I was checking out a thread on Diaper Bags at a parenting site and someone mentioned Tokidoki bags. I did a search and found some and it was INSTANT LOVE!!! I became obsessed wih getting one. I scoured my local mall and was thrilled to find a Campeggio in Spiaggia at Bloomies! I have since bought 6 more Campeggios (Paradiso, Inferno, Foresta, L"Amore, Famiglia & Trasporto), 2 Corrieres (Paradiso & Inferno), a Denaro (Trasporto), a Portotelephono (Spiaggia) and an OP Stellina.

    Toki is totally my style as I love bright, colorful, cute things. I can't believe it took me so long to discover it!
  9. well a girl in my school had and inferno bv [not that i knew thats what it was] and i fell in love with it. then i saw a couple fakes while in NY and i couldnt figure out what they were called so i searched and searched ahd searched until finally i found it...tokidoki.

    i have a million bags and they're all pretty cheapo except for 2 coach purses that i have so i was like theres no way im spending 160$ on a bag. i let it go and finally got my first one this summer, an inferno campeggio. it was supposed to be my ONLY one but we all know how that is. I bought an inferno ciao two hours later. :push:
  10. I've always been a bit of a bag addict. I have been buying classic LeSportsac bags for travel for years (I know, old lady bags...), I was checking the website and saw Tokidoki. I had never heard of it, but the characters reminded me of the Louis Vuitton Murakami bags I loved instantly (I have the flower pappion and cherry blossom bucket). I ordered an OP bella... then 2 playground bv's... now I have WAY too many, but I enjoy them! Just now branching out to Vinyls and Qees!
  11. My friend showed me a really well made website by a graphics artist - it had a SUPER cute game on it called sushi racer. Fast forward 2 years later and I realised that he had his own empire called tokidoki. Mannn.. I can't believe he got so big !
  12. Well, my sister is a buyer for a high end department store and is very fashionable. She's had Oscar de la Renta rub her pregnant belly and also met Armani. So when she emailed me a picture of her new tokidoki diaper bag I was like "WOW!!" CUTE!! That's gotta be HOT!! I thought she was crazy for spending that much on a diaper bag. That was in late June. So I started doing my research and could not find any stores here that sell them. My first one was AS Giocco and then I found tPF and got even more addicted!! Then I got hooked on eBay!! There is no end to this madness :yahoo:. Now I can't even count how many I have!! Ekk!! Now she thinks I'm the crazy one since I can't stop buying them! :angel:
  13. i have been around since just about the begining
    i loved the l.a.m.b. collab & when it was done & over with i was sad i had never really been a purse type
    of girl but that changed with l.a.m.b.
    but 1 day i thought to myself i'll check lesportsac again to see whats new & there it was tokidoki
    i loved it i have been buyin them up ever since:yahoo:
  14. I say a girl on the train with a bag in OP and I thought it looked interesting so I remember staring at her bag and saw that it read tokidoki on it. So all trhough out the train ride I repeated tokidoki in my mind and when I got home googled it and found them on the lesportsac site. I decided I didn't like the print nor the price and never got any. Then last Christmas I got a gift card from Macy's from work and decided I would buy a tokidoki bag with it. I googled tokidoki again and saw the inferno print on the site and loved it and I decided I would use my gift card towards that and that would justify the price. Needless to say, Macys didn't have what I wanted but I did purchase an inferno from the Madison Avenue Lesportsac store.
  15. O:huh:...i love everyone stories!

    well my addictions started...

    the ending of June of this year, so like 3 months ago.

    Well, I always passed Lesportsac and knew a little about Tokidoki fromt he window displayed but never thought about going in because like everyone says "grandma bags". I was always a bag addict mostly for Coach and owned a few d&b, lv, gucci and roxy bags.

    So my addiction offfically started when I was on MYSPACE and a childhood friend asked to be my friend and her background on her page was tokidoki. I was inlove right from the start. I searched eBay, not knowing anything just that it was called tokidoki and bidded on my first bag...well turns out it was a fake! What horror to walk into Lesportsac with a FAKE! So, I vowed to get me a real bag. I read up on TOKIBLOG (thanks STEPH) on how to spot a fake and purchased my 1st REAL bag on ebay a OP Bella. I knew that all the old prints were hard to come by so I resorted to ebay, little did I know that our LS outlet still had some older in July I bought a OP Bella Bella on sale for just a little over $100.

    So the rest is history...i now own over 30 (bags, accessories and qees) tokidoki items!

    and more to come...well maybe just 3 more...