Tell us about your bags!


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Jun 9, 2006
Hi ladies,

I've seen so many people asking about leathers, colors and wrinklyness of Bal bags from various seasons so I thought this would be a great and very useful thread- especially for newbies.

Ok, now I'll tell you about my current bags:

'05 Turquoise City- Medium thick, fluffy, very soft leather. The color is very saturated and even. The wrinkle is broad.

'05 Magenta City- Medium thick, silky soft leather. The color is saturated but varies a bit around the bag. The wrinkle is broad.

'05 Apple Green City- Thick, soft leather. The color is very saturated and even. The wrinkle is tight.

'05 Dolma City- Medium to thin leather. Definitely needs more moisturizing than the others. The color is even but has evenly lightened a bit. The wrinkle is tight.

'06 Black City
- Medium thick, soft leather. The color is very saturated. The wrinkle is broad.

'06 Cornflower Shoulder
- Medium thick, soft leather. The color is still saturated but has lightened slightly. The wrinkle is very broad.

'07 Black Work- Thick, soft leather. The color is saturated and black but not jet black. The wrinkle is broad.

'08 White GSH Flat Clutch- Medium thick, very soft leather. It is still as white as ever. The wrinkle is broad.

'08 EB Coin Purse- Medium thick, soft, even leather. The color saturation is even and still the same as when I bought it.The wrinkle is nearly non-existant

'08 Turquoise Coin Purse- Thick, sturdy leather. The color has faded and yellowed strongly. The wrinkle is tight and dry.

'08 Pale Magenta Coin Purse
-Medium thick, soft leather. The color is still pretty and even. The wrinkle is broad.


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Jun 9, 2006
Leather I have had bad experiences with are:

'05 Bubblegum (the silkiest, softest leather I've ever felt and such a pretty color but it turned yellow even though I has treated it with AG frequently)

'08 Turquoise(gorgeous, vibrant color when I received it but the leather was thick and plasticy and it faded and turned yellow and the leather only got worse with use. I also treated this one with AG)
May 1, 2009
Thank u so much for starting this helpful thread!
I really want to get the new knowledge of the b bags.
About my bags, both are from 2009 F/W, while I using the bags almost a year I could say something about them.
Galet twiggy, the bag is a bit dirty, but I don't care. The leather is not thick, but so soft.
Tempete rh work, the color is unique! I love the color more than the leather condition. The leather is a bit thicker than galet, not smooth and soft as galet. I think the leather may be the same as ChloeG's anthra rggh pt.


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Jun 9, 2006
^^ Thanks so much for sharing! This thread s going to be so interesting and useful! I'm really looking forward to reading all of the responses! :yes:

I forgot one bag:

'05 Turquoise City (#2)- Medium thick, soft leather. The color saturation is even and gorgeous but a tad lighter than my other one. Still very vibrant and pretty though. The wrinkle is tight.


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Jan 29, 2009
'07 Black Work: Pretty thick leather, heavy distressing but small lines, not very soft to the touch or pillowy. Not Jet Black, but still black. You could mistake it for anthra in some lights.

'07 SGH Ocean Work:
Medium thick leather, medium distressing, super soft to the touch and pillowy. Almost has a sheen to it. Color is saturated with no fading or yellowing (so far). I did apply For Handles Only on handles to prevent darkening.

'08 SGH Sahara City: Medium thick leather (not as thick as Ocean), light distressing, smoother, very soft. Gorgeous, even color.


Mar 10, 2008
I'm going to post bags which I had but sold as well as the new bags I have now:smile:
05 chocolate first leather like glove leather, smooth and very soft and saturated, medium thickness and glossy.
06 cornflower twiggy smooth medium leather, a little on the dry side in places and also faded in places, leather matt.
06 ink purse gorgeous pillowy leather, distressed but saturated, very smooshy, but also experienced fading.
07 vert gazon first leather thick, but a little rough feeling to the touch, leather very glossy with some distressing.
04 lilac mini classique very soft leather, but a little fragile feeling, color matt
06 gris fonce first leather on this very thin a bit like tissue paper in place, distressed and glossy.
09 anthracite city thick leather, medium distressing, smells very nice
09 noix first very distressed leather, some white viens, very soft and smooshy, not very glossy
10 outremer drum medium leather, medium thickness a little on the dry side, I think this color could have fading issues in the future


Feb 28, 2007
Hmmm, not so good with leather descriptions (reminds of of describing wine!). But my bags with TDF leather (thick, smooshy, great color saturation, lovely distressing), imo are (all R/CH):

Rouge theatre city
Jaune city
Bleu roi twiggy
Black men's weekender
Rouge vif weekender
Rouge vif twiggy

Cyclade city

The leather on my Outremer city and Rouge theatre first is also very nice, and similar, but not quite as thick as the others


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Apr 8, 2008
07 Black: very shiny like glazed jet black with small crackle distressing, super deep saturation
07 Truffle: very broad marble distressing without veins, shiny, medium thick leather
07 Mogano: thickest leather ever on Bal, deep deep deep colour, heavy wrinkles
07 Tomato: Fluffy airbubble like distressing, amazing colour saturation
07 Vert Gazon: Glazed leather with semi tight distressing
07 ivory: large scale crackle distressing, colour stayed non oxidised
07 White: Bright white with subtle greyish tinge, crackling distressing
07 Vert Déau: Originally small tight distressing with high shine leather, colour faded ever so slightly now

Have to continue later the rest...