Tell us about the one that "got away"

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  1. Whether it was pre-loved or in the store what happened and how did you move on :biggrin:

    I will go first.

    I found an Ixia antheia leather in black on the bay listed new without tags for an amazing price. A new one here is 5.4k in the store. Had it authenticated by Lee and Addy, but something was a little off. It looked used, feet were scratched, was creased at the top and had lint and dust on the inside. Seller had neg feedback for lying in another listing (but didn't specify). This didn't bother me too much because great price. Tried it on in the store, its a big bag, and its black and I am not really a fan of black. So I procrastinated a little too long about it and it was sold this morning. I'm really dissapointed for stewing over such minor things and now I have missed out…

    So tell us your story...
  2. The one that got away for me was the Cabas in Promenade from the 2011 Ailleurs collection. I didn't know at that time the collection was LE *sob*
  3. My story was i ordered alma bb in Rosé Velours but she got lots of spots so i returned her ;-(
    She got away and I'm so regret she got away ;-(
  4. Watercolor speedy :shucks::shucks:
  5. The Galliera...when I bought my first LV bag, I didnt know about the galliera until it was too late....
  6. Me too! When I had the chance I bought something else and then she was discontinued. I was SO sad. Still am actually...:crybaby:
  7. Alma PM Vernis in Bleu Infini.

    As much as I adore my Amarante, I just so wish I'd bought the Bleu Infini. And now she's gone....
  8. Kusama Speedy :sad:
  9. neverfull ikat in rose velours.....😁
  10. Totally GM. Had one, sold it, now they are discontinued. :sad: I have the MM but it's just not the same love. 😩
  11. For me it's not a bag, but a charm. I love bears and was so excited to see a reveal of the "summer melody bear charm". By the time I saw it, it was sold out in the tan color I wanted. I was able to get the taupe, but REALLY wanted the tan. I sometimes torture myself by looking on the Australian website where it's still available - sigh.
  12. ikat rose velours cosmetic. i thought it was so expensive for an slg but i still long for it.
  13. Mahina Solar in black
    In 2008 they were reasonably priced - but I kept hesitating.
    Then the price jumped RAPIDLY and now they are no longer available as new

    I still lust after it
    Should have trusted my instincts & bought it!
  14. A pre-loved Watercolor Speedy 35 at a great price. I try to remind myself it was white and a 35. This eases the pain somewhat. Then I remember her excellent condition and MIF. Then the pain comes rushing back!
  15. Me too