Tell the Truth...

  1. If there's a Sienna that I truly dislike, it's this one. Sorry if any of you girls have one, but I'm sure there are bags I have that would not be to your liking. What were Kooba thinking when they brought this one out? I wonder how many sold? I'm sorry, but it looks like a bag a Grandma might have knitted in her spare time to hold her wool and knitting needles.
  2. But Mini...try to picture this bag on a cold Winter snowy day, Black pants, Warm Knitted Cowl neck sweater, and some knee hi Boots. Off to the Ski resort...LOL It could work....LOL
  3. Yes, I suppose I could see it on my head, whilst trying to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures!
  4. The kooba designer must have been drunk when he thought this one up! Its a joke!

    I reckon that you are secretly considering it lexie...and your just checking out what we think of it before you buy it!:p
  5. I could possibly come up with a Halloween costume to use it with, but I would have to think really hard!
  6. Come on, Lexie, you might buy that in a fit of madness late one night JUST to see what it was like. *s

    Honestly....that bag looks like someone designed it while tripping on funky mushrooms.

    I wonder just how many of those were sold.......2?
  7. Oh Yea, I'm totally playing you all. This bag is so fabulous that even though he "only" wants 325 BIN I am going to offer 750. Poor seller doesn't really know what Rare find he has.

    Think though...If I Bought it I could safely say I was the only one in probably the entire purse forum who had it. How prestigious....

  8. :roflmfao:
  9. Ugh, this is hideous. But someone might actually buy it since it's right on trend for Fall. Consider the fact that both Fendi and Louis Vuitton both have bags trimmed in shearling this season - both exorbitantly expensive, and I'm sure there must be a fashion victim out there somewhere that would be interested in getting this for a fraction of the price. ;)
  10. "Fashion Victim"......LOLOL
    Sounds so deadly.
  11. Fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggglllyyyyyyyyyy!
  12. Even I don't like it - plus would never work in Florida.
  13. Shearling on bags is just WRONG. (jmho)
  14. The shearling is a pretty color?!?:rolleyes::push: (trying to 'say something nice')