Tell the European Union you fully support a ban on seal product trade.

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  1. This was in my inbox.

    Dear Caitlin,

    Like me, you’ve probably seen the horrifying images of helpless baby seals being beaten and shot for their fur. Wounded seals left to suffer in agony. Conscious pups sliced open. And the reason for their pain? So that someone can sell their fur.

    For so many years, we’ve tried to stop this senseless brutality. [FONT=arial,
helvetica, sans-serif]Today, you and I have a chance to stop this cruelty forever.[/FONT]

    Twenty-five years ago, the European Union made history when it ended its trade in products from newborn harp seals. Commercial seal hunting in some countries came to a virtual standstill, and countless baby seals were saved. But the hunters began to kill the pups when they were slightly older -- and the products from those seals are legally traded in the EU. Today, some commercial seal hunts are twice as large as they were when the EU first took action.

    But there is new hope for the seals. The EU is considering ending all seal product trade in the European Union, regardless of the age of the seals. This move would save millions of seals from brutal slaughter, and help put a final end to commercial seal hunting globally.

    Right now, the EU is asking people around the world to submit their opinions on the historic proposal. [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Please take a few minutes today to tell the European Union you fully support a ban on seal product trade.[/FONT]

    I’m lucky: I was able to visit a harp seal nursery in Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence before the hunters descended. The sight of mothers and their pups on the pristine ice is one I won’t forget, and I’ve committed myself to working to preserve that wondrous spectacle for generations to come.

    Commercial seal hunting doesn’t simply cause unimaginable suffering to the seals; it is also dehumanizing and often dangerous work, contributing very little to the incomes of the hunters. A European Union ban on all seal product trade would force nations where seal huting has taken place to invest in real alternatives -- jobs that will provide safe and sustainable futures.

    Lets work together to make a better life for seals and people. Say no to the cruel trade in seal products in the European Union. It doesn’t matter where you live -- your voice counts. [FONT=arial,
helvetica, sans-serif]Please take action to save the seals today.[/FONT]

    The deadline for the European Union to hear your views is February 13.

    Paul McCartney
  2. I just filled out the form and forwarded it to my dad.
  3. I just voted and sent this to all of my friends. Thanks for your concern and for posting this!! It's sooo sad what we humans are capable of!! :crybaby:Bless you!!
  4. I don't agree with that.
    I have read that (commercial) seal hunting is often the only source of income many remote Canadian villages have, so by outlawing seal hunting we would take away people's ability to feed themselves and earn a livelihood. Or will Sir McCartney send those villagers a cheque every month? I don't think so.
    Besides, seals only look cute when they are pups, that's why rabid animal protection groups use their image to promote an agenda. Seals are wild animals that hunted according to strict rules and regulations, only a set number every year to keep the population in check e.g.
    The image that is portrayed by the same rabid animal protection groups that helpless baby seals are killed mercilessly etc. is all wrong and just propaganda!
  5. ^ I have no sympathy. Find a new job. It's disgusting.
  6. ...and furthermore if the only marketable skill these people have is bludgeoning baby seals to death then perhaps they deserve a fate worse then the seals. Yet somehow I doubt this. Are these people gonna starve and die if the hunt is made illegal? nope.
  8. There is nothing that justifies the brutal way these animals are "harvested". Bashing a seal's head with a club belongs in the Dark Ages, not the 21st century.

    As for it being part of the culture's livelihood and heritage, there are a lot of horrific things people have done throughout history to make a living. Most cultures evolve and adapt to survive. They are killing seals because it is still so profitable, not because it is the only way to make a living.
  9. thanks!!! hopefully there will be an end in sight to the hunting of seal.
  10. I found out that seals are killed at 3 months of age or younger: they can't swim, and some are so young they still haven't ate any solid foods...they could only try to escape and cry for their mothers as men follow them with sticks to bash them on their awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Have you ever witnessed a seal hunt? How do you know that it is "just propaganda" that "helpless baby seals are killed mercilessly etc"??

    And if the only skill that someone has is to club innocent animals to death, then they need to develop a new skill set!!
  12. As a general rule, I'm in favor of hunting (as long as the hunter is planning to eat it). The seal hunt, however . . . that's just barbaric.

    I don't even think it's accurate to call it a 'hunt,' since the definition of hunt is to persue game for food or sport.

    With the seals, there's no persuing involved and it's not a skill. It's just walking up to an innocent creature and bludgeoning it to death.