Tell someone their bag is fake?

  1. If someone you knew had a fake Coach, but they didnt know it was fake, would you tell them? My co-worker has two obviously fake coach's that her boyfriend bought her (some boyfriend, huh?) She has no clue they are fake. I dont want to sound snotty or hurt her feelings. One time she even asked me how to tell if bags are real or fake, and I didnt have the heart to tell her. I know she'd be mortified if she knew the truth.
    One time we were in the Coach store together and she kept asking me if she should buy the leather cleaner, and I just wanted to say, "Dont waste your money, your bag isnt even real leather." Another time she was telling me how her strap broke, and asking me how to go about sending it back to Coach for them to fix it.
    It was hard to bite my toungue. I guess I'm just so in to Coach bags that I notice every small detail about them and can't imagine how someone else couldnt. I know you can all relate. How have you handled situations like this?
  2. Ummm I would personally tell her if she really thinks they are real. How embarrassing will it be for her to go into a Coach store to ask for it to be reparied?

    That happened to my sis. She had a LV travel tote that her SO bought her. The zipper broke and when she took it in to be repaired they double-checked because they thought it was just an older version, but no it was a fake. A really good one if I say so, but she was mortified.
  3. I think it depends on how well you know the person. If she is one of you good friends I think I would tell her. But if she is more of an acquaintance, I would keep it to myself, because I wouldn't want it to affect our working relationship.

    But, if she flat out asks you whether you think her bag is real, than obviously I would tell her that it isn't. I just wouldn't volunteer that information, if she hasn't asked.

    I have been in a similar situation, but I didn't say anything. My friends mother had bought them for her so I didn't want to dis that. Plus I knew she probably wouldn't care that much anyway, because it meant more to her that it was from her mother than the fact that it was fake.
  4. i agree it depends how well u no her. also i sounds like she does wanna no the truth though and maybe suspects. after all, if she knew they were auth she wouldnt ask how to tell if they were fake or not. r u 100% sure they r not real?
  5. I wouldn't just burst out and tell someone random that their bag was fake. But I would definately tell your co-worker. Especially since you have had several conversations about the purse.

    If it comes up naturally in conversation again say something like, "I'm so sorry to even say this, but your purse isn't a real Coach." Or "You probably can't get your purse repaired by Coach because, I'm so sorry, but it's not real."

    Then if she isn't too pissed, tell her why.
  6. You should definitely tell her. Some men are clueless and her SO might not even have bought the bags, intentionally knowing that they were fake. If I didn't "train" my own DH so well, he wouldn't even know that knock offs existed. If anything, it will spare her further embarassment... walking into Coach with a knock off is so humliating! I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  7. the only reasons why i would tell someone that their bag was fake are:

    1. if they asked me if it was real or fake

    2. if i didnt like them and i knew their bag was fake

    other than that, i would keep it to myself
  8. If she asks you, I would. There's a girl at my job who has an obvious fake wallet and tote, and she doesn't question me about my (real) wallet and Hamptons tote, so I let it be.

    However, if she's been questioning you about her bag, it may be a good idea to say something among the lines of "I'm not quite sure if that's an authentic piece... Here are some ways for you to determine if it's fake." It would be so embarassing to go into a boutique and be told by an SA that it's not an authentic piece. In that retrospect, you'd be doing her a favor - a friend telling her that it's not real and saving her from a random SA telling her.
  9. That's exactly how I feel. She's already had conversations with you about the bag, so bringing it up wouldn't be too forward. Also, since she may need a repair you'll save her the embarassment, and as a bonus, she'll probably talk to the SO about it and he'll probably stop buying her fake handbags.
  10. Someone I know casually has a few fakes. I don't say anything to her because based on conversations we've had, I'm pretty sure she knows they are fakes (as is her LV I think). But in your situation, I would probably say something...
  11. i would def. tell the person....
  12. My basic philosophy is "don't ask if you don't want to know". If someone asked me point blank if their bag was a fake, and I knew that it was, then I would tell them that it was.

    My DD was at work, and a coworker had a fake Burberry. They were talking about bags, and she told DD that it was a fake, and DD said "yes, I know". Well, the girl kind of went nutty, asking "how could you tell? I don't want people to think I go around carrying fakes!" So, DD said, "well, I knew because it doesn't come in that color, and if you don't want people to think you're carrying fakes, then don't."

    Some random person, I would never go up to and say anything (like the lady I saw in a store who had the weird looking gold and white LV Alma that had a strange mismatched basketweave bottom -- truly odd looking). However, if it was someone I knew, and they asked.......well, they asked.
  13. If you are close with this person and they bring it up again I would tell them. You might not want to declare it a fake just tell her there is a possibility it could be (prepare her for the moment when a SA may say it is) Honestly i bought a bag on eBay and suspected it being a fake and walked into the coach store and asked. The SA's were nice and felt bad for me. Sometimes when you get a gift you never know and taking it to the store is the only way.
  14. I would tell her next time she starts hinting around or asking. I know I would be so embarrassed if I went into Coach to buy cleaner for my fake bag. It will hurt her for a minute I'm sure that she was lied to, but I almost wonder if she has some suspicion deep down since she's been asking you how to spot fakes.

    I'm hoping her boyfriend just didn't know either, not purposefully bought her a fake and pawned it off as the real thing.
  15. If she honestly thinks the bags are real, then she has the right to know she's carrying around a fake.