Tell me your love for your PAPILLON........

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  1. :heart: Tribut to the PAPILLON......Inspired by the "speedy love" thread........:heart:
    I want to get the Papillon, damier 30.
    But I must wait until X-Mas, order to help me :
    -reinforce my love for it,:love:
    -not changing my mind :s
    -and stay calm through the "ban" time :hysteric:

    ->Can you tell me something about your PAPILLON ???? something I will be reading over and over during the long waiting days.......:whistle:
    (I already searched everything I could find on tPF)
  2. i have the Damier Papillon 30, and it's one of the bags i use most because of the canvas, and because it goes with everything. it's also a really cute shape, and if you get it in the 30 it comes with the baby Papillon:tender:. it can be carried as a handheld or shoulder bag, although your arm might squash it a little if it's on your shoulder, but it springs back into shape anyway :P.

    the Papillon is one of my all-weather bags, because there's no vachetta to worry about, and you don't have to be afraid of getting it dirty. it's been worth every cent of my money so far:wlae:
  3. I have the papillon 19 and to me, it will always be special because it was my first LV bag. I just love the shape of it! It is also a classic that you will have forever.

    Remember the movie 9 to 5? Am I dating myself? LOL Mr. Hart's wife had a monogram papillon! It was glamourous then and always will be. I also remember seeing a very well-dressed woman pushing a baby carriage (one of the high-end Silver Cross models)....dressed to the nines.....with a damier papillon. I just thought she looks like she is out of a movie. So elegant!

    One good thing is that it is a you can take your time and save.....and it will be there waiting for you. You don't have the pressure like you would have for limited edition bags. Better for the CC.
  4. nypersonalshopper, is the papillon19 small?
    I'm thinking of getting one papillon but not sure which size to get. Papillon19 isn't that common, and that's why i like it..
  5. papillon 19 is very small... it was also my first LV handbag :smile:... it's very very cute though!
  6. I used to have the Papillon 26 (I sold it to get a new bag :P ), and I loved it...such a cute bag! It was my very first new LV, but after 3 kids I kinda outgrew it. It is such a great shape, and maybe one day I will get the Damier or Mono 30 with that cute little baby Pap!
  7. I have a damier papillon 26 and I love it. I use it more than any other purse I own because the size is perfect and it goes with everything! You can fit a lot in it without having to rummage through it (which happens to me and my speedy 25 because it's so deep!)
  8. I have the Mono Papillon 26 and I LOVE her! I get so many compliments. And I love that I don't see her coming and going as much as the Speedy (although I love the Speedy too).
  9. I have the Mono Pap 26 and DH REFUSES to allow me to sell it - he adores it! Gotta keep the man happy :graucho: - he buys me most of my LV! :love:
  10. So funny, same here. :yes:
  11. I have both the mono and damier papillon 30. I love the shape and structure. Its unique and very eye catching! It holds all your essentials and goes with everything you wear. It can be both classy chic and casual.
  12. At first I didn't really like the shape, but then I saw someone yesterday with it and it looked sooooo adorable..
  13. i have the mono papillon 30 and i love it! i use it all the time. it can be dressed up or dressed down. i carry it both on my arm and on my shoulder. it does get a little squished, but it will return back to its original shape easily. i don't really use the little baby papillon that comes with it, but i have seen other people use it as an evening bag. you should definitely get this bag!
  14. I have the Damier Papillon 26. It was my very first LV & it's one of those bags you will love forever & ever!

    It goes with anything, & it's not has high maintenance, so when you carry it, you can relax & concentrate on other things, rather than worrying about it getting dirty, stained, water marks, etc etc etc
  15. I'm so glad this thread was started. I have been trying to decide whether to get a papillon or a petite noe and now I'm convinced that papillon is the way to go! :graucho: Thanks everyone.