Tell me your favorite wallet under $250!

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  1. Not too small, not too big -just right! Thanks gals
  2. Betsey Johnson Good Girl wallet. It's around $100 on
  3. Coach french purse - plenty of pockets and card slots with billfold and snap change pocket LOVE IT!
  4. ive been giving this some thought and until i find that dream red wallet, im going to go to the coach outlet and find a skinny wallet.
  5. Kate Spade Maria wallet - lots of pockets, great leather, cute colors.
  6. I like the Coach Accordion wallet ($198-208) and the Kate Spade Dara wallet ($220). They are both pretty much the same style. I like how they can sit open in your bag and you don't have to ever take them out. Plus, they hold a lot of stuff!
  7. Kate Spade has some great wallets in your price range. Here are a few......
    $195 - (the inside is pink ... very pretty)


    $155 (Also comes in green)

    $165 (inside is green)

    You can check out the full line of wallets at
  8. I tend to pick up a lot of great wallets at wilsons leather in the middle of june when they're all 75% off lol. I never like one that much though. I'm really picky w/ my wallets though lol.
  9. there are lots of cute wallets from coach. :smile:
  10. I like Bosca and Lodis
  11. I love my Lovcat wallet. It measures 4" x 7 1/2", holds 8 CC and has lots of pockets.
  12. I got the first black and pink long kate spade wallet for my mom for $61 at Neimans! If you're interested you could call them :smile:
  13. Dooney,doodle accordian wallet.
  14. The Dara is on sale for $165 at Only problem is - it's pink! :yucky: (no offense to all the pink lovers out there ... ) :smile:
  15. Lodis is the perfect brand for this sort of thing. They are well-priced to begin with, but you can always find cute small useful wallets marked down at places like Nordstrom Rack and during the Nordstrom half-yearly/Anniversary sales. Bloomies usually has a nice selection of Lodis, too.
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