Tell me your favorite bargain online shops

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  1. Hi! I spend the majority of my time on the handbag side of the forum, but recently I've expanded my interest in clothes. Boy, is it fun! I've found that what I enjoy doing is looking through magazines at the current "looks" being shown and then going online or to department stores to find similar items, but at less expensive price.
    Can anyone tell me their favorite online stores that sell stylish clothes for bargain or less expensive prices? I am living overseas, so online shopping is something I do a lot.

  2. I always check out the sale section on shopbop, and they ship internationally.
  3. Thanks! Oh! I forgot to mention that we still have our house in the U.S. and we come home frequently, so I usually have things shipped to my house or my parent's house.

  4. I love Forever21 & UrbanOutfitters! A lot of people complain about F21's quality, but I don't care, sometimes you get what you pay & sometimes you get more than you bargained for, which is nice!
  5. I like J.Crew when they have their "final sales", which means you can't return it but there is an additional % off of the sale price. Nordstrom sale section, bluefly clearance, and eluxury sale are good too. Too bad H&M doesn't have an online ordering site. F21 is a bit too young for me, but they have of the moment trend pieces.
  6. I have many favorites and I do virtually all of my shopping online!

    And many more. It really depends on what you are willing to spend and how much time you are willing to put into finding stuff.
  7. You should definitely check the sale sections of the high-end sites like, NM, BG, etc. because sometimes you can find good deals, but they go quickly! A lot of the time the second or third cut sales are cheaper than discount websites.
  8. has a great selection and good sales.
  9. I heart revolve and Neimans..... they have great sales sometimes more than 70% !!:nuts:
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  11. revolve hands down for me
  12. for me too!
  13. H&M has an online ordering site here in Germany.:smile:
  14. nordys online has pretty good sales