Tell Me Your Bb Boo Boo's!!!!!

  1. I JUST BOUGHT my BB camel (and you all know, I am talking about it and the wallet constantly) and my first day carrying, I placed my badge for work in my purse (like always) but unlike always, I know have a WONDERFUL bag and noticed that the sharp clip on the badge had made a tiny "run" (only word I can think of) on my new wallet!!!!! Even though I had protected with Apple Guarde spray (really not for that purpose) I was disappointed to see a imperfection this soon.

    WILL YOU GUYS LET ME KNOW WHAT BB MISHAPS YOU HAVE MADE TO HELP US NEW GUYS FROM DOING THE SAME? I KNOW YOUR WISDOM WILL HELP ME FROM DOING SOMETHING STUPID to this great leather. Any "prevention" tips would be greatly appreciated!~~ (I am a small town Tennessee girl; if ANYONE knew what I had paid for a purse and wallet I would be laughed out of town so help me take GREAT CARE OF IT!!!!!!!!!):idea:

    Hope everyone with a story will participate!!!!!!!!!!! Julie
  2. I once left a pen cap open near my beloved Anis Twiggy and it made a little but noticeable (at least to me) mark on the side panel. I was devastated and did the eraser trick to try and remove it, then I used Coach Cleaner even though you're not supposed to, but neither worked and the pen mark remains (along with one that was there when I purchased it). I've just made my peace with it. It doesn't bother me at all anymore, I have no plans to ever sell it and to me, that's the only time it would really matter. B-bags are bags...they're meant to be carried and used...and boo booed too!
  3. I left my twiggy out where my cat could chew on it :\
  4. I got a pen mark on my beautiful rouge city the very day I got it! I was in such a happy:yahoo: state of euphoria and as I was transferring all my stuff into the new bag, I inadvertantly rubbed pen on the FRONT! It's not reaaallly that big, but to me it screamed imperfection, like a zit or a scar or a booboo! But like you guys, I have made peace:shame: with it, and not one person has ever noticed it! (or at least they haven't said anything!) I still am in LOVE :heart: with it! So - everybody calm down and take a deep breath:girlsigh: and be careful in all the excitement of gettin' your beloved bag!
  5. I took my caramel first to the movies. Sat her on my lap and CAREFULLY, or so I thought, ate plain popcorn, one by one. Clumsy me drops ONE popcorn on my bag. Since it is dark, I just brushed it off my bag. I get home and notice that the one damn popcorn left an oil stain that is small but is located right above the zipper on the front of the bag. I tried like crazy to apple guard it off, but nothing worked on the stupid oil stain. I was and am still sad about the whole thing.:hysteric:
  6. Julie,

    I hear you. Camel is a beautiful color. However in my opinion it's the most difficult color to keep prestine. it is not dark enough to not show wear, yet it's dark enough that the light-colored scratches will be much more noticable than for example beige or white. It's a fact of life to have light "runs" and scratches on that leather.

    I am actually of the opinion that these wears only increase the beauty of this leather. It reminds me of my grandfather's old hand-made briefcase that was my first experience of fine leather.

    Believe it or not, I purchased my brand-new Part-time camel WITH a couple light "runs", simply because I liked the leather on that particular bag much better than the other shinier, thinner but clean ones. It doesn't bother me at all.
  7. About 2 years ago I stopped by the office. The girls were cleaning the desk tops. I sat my black City bag there and went to use the restroom. Well one girl thought that she had 3M cleaner for desks and she grabbed the clorox cleaner. :cursing: Why she didn't move my bag is beyond me. Anyway, the bleach turned the black blue in spots. I tried shoe polish and that was a disaster. At the time, I didn't know about artbag, etc for restoration. The more I did to it, the worse it looked. I gave it to a friend to work on, she made it worse. I have no clue where that bag is now. I wish I did. I probably tossed it. :sad:
  8. Here's my boo boo:

    I just got my first bag Monday - Camel Part Time. And I now undertsand why they say camel is hard to take care of. On the one hand it is such a beautiful rich color but it damages easily. And I am one of those that loves a pristine bag, at least for now.

    So I had put too much in my bag because my hands were full and my bag was particularly empty. I was also wearing really dark jeans and wearing my bag hanging from my shoulder so the back of the bag was rubbing on my jeans a lot. I had put my keys in the inside pocket and when I got home there was a slightly worn area (overly rubbed) in the shape of my key ring that was a little blue from the jeans. I let out a gasp (it was only 3 days old!!).

    So, the moral of the story is: especially if your bag is full, and especially if it is light in color and you are wearing colorfast clothing, don't put stuff in that pocket that will rub too much on said clothing.

    It's hardly noticeable now, and I am living with it :smile:
  9. for my birthday i had plans to go out to dinner with friends and then go home afterwards - so i brought my trusty lovely bbag. well, i wound up going back to my old campus with my friends that are still there and spending the night.

    next day happened to be one of the rainiest days of the summer, and sure enough as i got out of my friends car as she dropped me off at train station on my way home, a gigantic sheet of rain poured down onto my bbag and made the leather go from soft and veiny to hard and "wrinkly". still makes me sad, but ive come to cope with it.
  10. Oh my gosh! I AM human after all!...I havent done anything to my B bags (yet), but I dont carry pens or liquid makeup or perfume in any bags anymore (will get to that in a minute), I keep my bag under my desk on the floor on a fluffy velour towel thats big enough to cover it when I'm sitting there (in case I'm a clutz and spill something or kick it by accident)...I never bring my bags to the movies (your popcorn story almost made my cry! ~gasp~),..I had on new jeans and was carrying my new Louis Vuitton Cerises bucket and the leather turned blue on one side...I took my brand new tan Chloe Betty bag with me on vacation in June and at check in at the hotel the girl went to hand me the pen to sign something and she hit the strap and got a 2 inch blue pen line on it! ~horrors~ I was so angry and upset I yelled at her...loudly..and I called her all sorts of names (I do NOT regret it)...I told the manager she ruined a $1910 plus bag that I had for 2 days! My week long room was comped, I got food vouchers for the week and they gave me another week free (Amerisuites Tempe, AZ)... I showed it to my SA at Neimans (where I bought it) the following week when I was home (I was still carrying it) and she exchanged it for a new one! (she did it on her own, I didnt ask)...I felt so bad after I got the new one home, I couldnt carry it at all and I sold it on ebay.....when I carried my Anthracite Chloe large paddington I had my Philosphy Amazing Grace perfume in it, it was a new bottle, and I didnt know that somehow the cap was loose....half the bottle emptied into my purse, it ate away the color and it turned into hard brown leather when it dried about a 5 inch wide mess...not sure where that bag is. Think I gave it to Goodwill...
  11. I've had several lattes meet up with my B-bags - it's just something I accept will happen to everything I own at some point - car, shoes, bags, etc. - I'm a klutz. The bags have come through unscathed though - mostly I've just had to give them a wipe with a damp cloth and all is well. One I did give a thorough cleaning with Apple cleaner (though now I'd probably try the LovinMyBags stuff) and it's just fine.
  12. i carry a folded up white kitchen size garbage bag in the bottom of each of my bags just in case in am in a "situation" such as downpour rain, snow.
    If i do get caught in the rain, i dump the bag into the plastic, and roll it up and carry it under my arm. I sort of learned this from Louis Lacari.. when you go there to have your hair colored, they hand you a clear plastic bag to seal up your handbag. I guess too many problems!!
  13. toni22 THAT is the best idea I have ever read! thank you! thank you!
  14. I carry my LV Damier speedy when there is rain predicted. But I have been caught with my twiggy beofre, but I was luckily at Home Depot where I could grap a plastic sack to wrap it up in an run.
  15. This is odd to me - I've never so much as blinked at being caught out in the rain with my bbags. If I thought they couldn't take it (and they've been fine so far), then I'd sell them. No way am I spending that kind of money on something I always feel I can't use.

    Although, both of mine now have pen marks on them, although they're not obvious unless you're really looking. I was soooooooo mad at myself at the time, but I've let it go.