Tell me you missed me...

  1. I can not even believe my life the past few weeks. From a long and much needed vacation, to family illness, to the awful loss of my Buckeyes, to Vlad being sick, to my mom visiting, to my short visit in the hospital, I have NOT been able to catch a break. I think I started to forget to breathe, no joke. Luckily, that list above is getting much better. My aunt had a major surgery, but is recovering like a champ! Send some thoughts and prayers her way please. My Buckeyes, well sure they lost the big game but there is no team that I will ever love more then them and Columbus loves them no matter what- they are AMAZING. Vlad, well he is getting better too! My mom has been great having here, especially because she came right when I was really sick- and everyone needs time with their mom when they are sick, no matter how old they are. Can I just tell you that my hospital visit was not only unexpected, but I am still furiously attempting to detox and anti-germify my body, bag, clothes, and everything in between. Lots of rest, homemade food, and movies has got me better, and today when I woke up I realized 3 things. 1) I have been missing my dear Purse Blog and Forum so much! 2) Where did these 5 inches of snow come from?? 3) I need a trip to the spa and a shower sooo badly right now.

    Long story short, I am back- and you will be seeing many more updates, a great contest is on the horizon, and some new exciting news is coming! Missed you all :love:
  2. Oh, Megs....I'm so glad you are better. We missed you and wondered why you weren't around. What would we do without the queen?

  3. Welcome back Megs! We were wondering what had happened to you and Vlad! You've both been so quiet! Glad to know you are both get better!
  4. We missed you too! I'm sorry you were were bombared with all these events! And I agree, I think a spa day is in order.
  5. Thanks everyone!!! Vlad has just been so sick, and I- well, have been in the hospital! :shame:

    I missed you all lots!
  6. Welcome back! I am sorry all of those things happened at once! What a difficult time but we are glad you are back!!
  7. Welcome back! I am glad you are feeling better. What's that saying... what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger:shrugs: ?
    But yes, I watched the Buckeyes also... it's agreed that they were out of it that day. They will be back next year:yes: .
    Again, welcome back. You and Vlad are like online celebrities here. Of course we missed you!
  8. :heart: Thanks everyone!! I am doing great, just really needed to rest after the whole passing out thing :push:
  9. Welcome back and I'm glad you're okay. I hope you're feeling better.
  10. So glad to hear that you are better and it is great to see you back posting again.
  11. Oh my God, Megs!!! I don't even know what to say....that is WAY too much stuff for ANYONE to have to deal with one after another!! I'm glad everyone is on the mend and here's to a long strech of good luck!!!!
  12. We all def. missed ya, Megs!! :smile:
  13. Get better Megs!! We all missed you around here. :flowers:
  14. Aw, Megs. I didn't know. Things ran so smoothly I never knew something was wrong. I am so glad your Mom was there to help you. We all need our mom's when we don't feel well. They love us most in the world. I wish we had known, we could have been lifting you up in prayer. Will start now. Glad you are back. Get some rest.
  15. Missed you, Megs! Glad things are looking up. We'd all be lost little children without you here.