Tell me you girls with the classic flaps and reissues.....

  1. How do you store your chain?! :confused1:

    I just received my very first Chanel today....and I was wondering, is the best way to store the chain inside the bag, or outside?! I am sure I read somewhere that you must store the chain correctly somehow, what is the correct way?!

    I am just worried that if I store in, it would damage the inside, if stored out, it will damage the outside :p just a dilemma I have been having for the past 3 hrs!!
  2. If I do recall correctly, the note in the bag says to store it inside =)
  3. Really!? I didn't read that hehe! Thanks anyway!! I tried storing it inside you see and once I pulled the chain down, I thought to myself whether the chain is bad for the leather inside the bag! I guess I can pack my bag away now :p considering I purposely come online to ask before I pack! HEHE!

    Thanks babe!!
  4. Good question!I would love know too!Does it matter? I just leave the chain outside and put in the dust bag. But I do make sure to leave some space between the bag and the chain.
  5. I store mine out since I'm constantly wearing it. Also, I don't like to deal with pulling it through the holes.
  6. I'm terrified of chain indentations on the outside (especially with my lambskin jumbo) so I always store inside. It's a pain, but I do it.
  7. I store mine inside. Indentations are unavoidable. They happen at some point but as long as its inside it doesnt bother me.
  8. I keep the chain outside and wrap it in the thick layer of tissue paper, so it doesn't damage the leather on the bag.
  9. this is the way my favorite SA always stores the chain when she gives them too me, but if it slips out you are left with indentations on top of the flap so i always TUCK them in and then use the felt to lay between the inside flap and where the chain goes through the inside of the bag, then I lay the excess chain inside. I'd rather have dents inside than out!