Tell me why!!!

  1. My 11 year old dd begged for this bag, I picked it up for her at bloomies, on sale.

    Today she askes me if she can color it in!!

    WHY!! I showed her the price of it, before the markdowns, I told her if I see any color on it the bag is mine!

    I am thinking she is just too young for it!

  2. ...I can't see any picture, but are you talking about the Tutti bag? People over on the tokidoki forums have colored their bags in here and it can look really cute- if done correctly.

    Maybe let her keep it for a while, but if she still wants to color it in a few weeks, how about letting her maybe color in ONE character or something? That way it would still be primarily white (kinda like an Adios Star print) but make her bag a little different than everyone elses. I can understand not wanting to let her color it since it's your money and not hers.

    I think it would make a cute mom-daughter activity though :smile: And you're definitely a cool mom for buying a toki for her- my mum got me a zucca for my birthday this spring, and she's only feeding my addiction because it was half off, hehe.
  3. Let her really think about coloring it. And if she still really wants to, let her! Maybe start in a spot where you can't really see any mistakes she makes and see if she truly likes it! I thinking about coloring my Zucca because it looks so plain and naked! Or you can make it a mommy daughter project and you'll have fun helping her!
  4. My daughter has 5 toki bags (she's 9) and I just bought her a tutti bambinone. She also asked ot color it in...and i told her no.

    lol, i know that i bought it for her, but I know that we'd only mess it up (i suck at that kind of stuff). She understood! So I'm letting her buy 2 bright colorful qees so she can have color on her tutti.
  5. The only person I would ever let color my tutti is Simone. I don't trust anyone else, including myself.
  6. If any of you DO color your tuttis, I'd recommend downloading the swatch of it and coloring it in Photoshop or ms paint or something first, so you can get an idea of what it would look like :smile:
  7. Aww.. that's so cute though! My daughter has the Paradiso Bambinone.. I am always telling her to be careful with it!
  8. ooh which mall? i want 1 2 color it in
  9. :drool: i like the colored tuttis! i was wondering if anyone did this and heres my answer they are so pretty!