Tell me why you think the Cartier Love Bracelet is worth the $

Jul 18, 2007
Southern California
Hi ladies.

For those of you who own or plan on buying a Cartier Love bracelet, do you feel it's worth it? I love the style and design and would like to get one, but at almost $6000.00 you can buy a nice diamond with that. Please tell me your thoughts. Also if you leave it on all the time is it comfortable to sleep with it on?

Thanks ladies (fellow enablers, lol)


Jul 6, 2008
I just got mine last week. I have wanted one forever but was always so hesitant because of the money. I love it more than i even thought I would. Its classy but simple. Can be worn with a tshirt and jeans or a dress. Now that i have it i realoze too that it will be a great item to hand down to my kids some day. I wish i had bought one years ago instead of a lot of the cheaper jewelry I have. What was i thinking?!?!?! And it would have been so much cheaper a few years ago. I am so happy with this purchase. You ahould get it!


Mar 27, 2006
Not where I'd like to be
To me it isn't worth its steep price tag. It's marketing at its finest: you are buying the brand, not just the item. I'd rather get something with a beautiful stone and/or diamonds. There are other pretty bangles out there and while those may not be Cartier, they are beautiful in their own right at a fraction of the cost of the Love bracelet.
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Feb 23, 2012
To me, it's worth it and here's why- I have wanted one for a very long time and my DH gifted me one this Christmas. Now normally if he spends a great deal on me for a single item I feel terribly guilty and usually return it as the novelty wears off and I realize the money is better spent on more practical things, ie our kids. But when I opened that beautiful red Cartier box, and screwed on my lovely bracelet, I never once regretted the price tag, or felt guilty, that's how much I love it!


Seriously tempted...
Aug 8, 2006
Too far from the beach!
I don't think it's worth it simply because I don't love it - if I did love it, it'd be worth it. :smile: It's a bit too structured/architectural for my taste. At least, at the moment. I hope I don't see this post in a few years and kick myself for not getting one now. LOL
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Life is short. Buy the bag.
Jan 3, 2008
I don't love it, so it's not worth it to me. It looks too modern for my taste.


Jan 25, 2013
If they came in silver I would agree its not worth it (the mark up on silver in fine jewelry is ridiculous), however gold retains its value pretty well and although there is a markup its not as huge. Those bracelets are pretty solid too and standard pricing from what I seen at similar fine jewelers like Tiffany for solid gold is about the same. So I think if you want it, its worth it but you could buy a few bags for the price of one of them. I want one badly although I would want to stack 3 together and I can't reason that amount lol.


Aug 8, 2011
I don't think it is worth the current price tag. I think because it is a unique and identifiable creation people will continue to buy it...anyone can make a gold bangle type bracelet but there is only one Cartier Love Bracelet. I personally have stopped wearing mine since i began living in the LA area, as it seems quite pedestrian and is very common here. It's ironic how luxury goods are supposed to be "exclusive" and in the case of Birkin "elusive" yet it is one of the most common hand bag types I see in the LA has truly been ********ized I suppose.
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Nov 21, 2012
was thinking about the cartier bracelets ( all thanks to this forum:Pullhair:smile:
but i have decided against it and would prefer to get other bracelets/bangles from other jewellery stores. it's not worth the price imo maybe cos i don't LOVE it. rather spend the $ on other stuff.


Aug 1, 2012
I do not regret it for a minute! I love it I never take it off it takes about a week to get used to. I love the way i can dress it up or go to my kids games and it looks simple. The only problem is once you wear one you want another!


Oct 1, 2009
People have different opinions on worth it and not worth it things. I guess it all depends on which side of the story you are currently. What may be worth it for some may not be worth it for me and vice versa. As for Cartier Love bracelet, There's nothing like the real one- i have 2 by the way, that are all worth it to me.


Sep 10, 2006
I do not regret it for a minute! I love it I never take it off it takes about a week to get used to. I love the way i can dress it up or go to my kids games and it looks simple. The only problem is once you wear one you want another!
I just want to say that it is GREAT to hear that I am not the only person that got one and then immediately wanted another!!! My DH think I am craaazy:upsidedown:!! .....especially because I have decided that it should be a twin to my first....plain RG - I think it is worth it to me because of the pleasure I get every time I look at it :heart:


Sep 10, 2012
Like other posters, I've been wanting one for the past few years and finally decided to treat myself before the price increase. I love it and plan to wear it for years to come. I really like the idea that it's a piece that's meant to be a part of you and even screwed on so you don't just take it off. I'm used to sleeping in jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings) so there wasn't much adjustment needed with the love.
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Feb 5, 2009
It's worth it because there is resale value to this bracelet. If a person bought it a while ago and she is trying to resell it now she'd get back the full value she paid for it so in that way it is worth it. It is a classic design made by Cartier and they will never stop making it so it will always increase in value because they always have price increases. You can get your money returned to you if you wait long enough if you plan to resell ever. If you don't plan to resell but know you will wear it for the long haul it is also worth it because the price will continue to go up and it will be more expensive both new and pre-owned the longer you put off the purchase.

Is it worth it to me personally? no
For 5k spent on new Love or even 4k for a used Love, I'd rather get a diamond bracelet. I also have a thing about buying mass produced jewelry. That's not to say that I don't appreciate this look on other people it's just not my personal taste, but on someone else I would admire it. My personal taste would be to wear an estate piece or vintage Cartier bracelet that is not in current circulation. I like having things that you don't see everyday and that I may never come across on another person I meet.