Tell Me Why You Love Your Twiggy

  1. I'm a city girl at heart...but I could be swayed...

    Please tell me why I should also love a twiggy :smile:
  2. I love the shape. It's easier to fit over the shoulder. It holds a ton. I just plain old love it!
  3. I carry a ton of stuff with fills my city up :smile:

    I remember trying a twiggy on and not liking it as much as the city...hmmmmmm, is the shoulder strap longer?

  4. I'm not sure. I don't think so. I have a city and don't see a difference in the two. It's really a matter of shape. I don't like looking at my city stuffed. However, I can stuff my twiggy with stuff and the shape looks good because of its original shape.
  5. dear livethelake
    i am writing to let you know why i love my twiggy :love: . i have a cornflower blue twiggy... it was my first ever b-bag and i totally love it... i love it SO much that some days im actually scared to use her!!! :lol: geez, im such a hypocrite - i'm always saying, "just use ur b-bags no matter what" :roflmfao: i guess i just find her SO special and i dont want to harm her in anyway! i guess u just never forget ur first b-bag!!!
    anyway, the reason y i love my twiggy is because, she's a different shape, not ur usual standard square bag... it really catches ppl's eyes! she holds LOTS of stuff, i'd probably say that she holds as much as a CITY... i find that the shoulder strap is much more comfortable than the CITY... i just love the way is falls when wearing it... its a great style b-bag and if you're thinking about getting one - just do it!!! :wlae:

    from helenNZ :flowers:
  6. Ms Helen - I can feel the love!!! :heart: .

    Maybe I'll take the twiggy plunge :smile: .
  7. welp, my little miss black twiggy was my 1st b-bag love :love:...i think what attracted me to her was her unique shape...not too big, not too small, plus curvy & interesting :tender:
  8. funky fun-loving girls love the twigster. 'nuff said! ;)

    it's a cool style with a cool name, and more unique than the city. :supacool:
    the city is like any other shoulder bag you can get with its typical shoulder bag shape. plus, the twiggy fills up better than the city.
  9. livethelake, the reasons i love the twiggy:

    1. for me, it looks nicer for some reason when i wear dresses or skirts than the city. imo, it has more of a feme quality than the city.

    2. another thing is because the height of the twiggy is shorter than the city... it makes it easier to find things. you don't feel like stuff is swimming in your bag, so that also makes it nicer for going out.

    3. and last thing, because of it's shape, it fits alot (just as much as the city), but it's not as cumbersome... which is nice for going out to crowded places like restaurants, bars, theatre, etc...
  10. 1. Twiggy not as widely counterfeited. It is a more unique style and the mini "duffel-bag" look adds attitude. Looks more casual and not forced at all. Whenever I see someone with a Twiggy, I am much less inclined to assume it is fake, and I feel like they're willing to take a risk.

    2. Twiggy holds a lot of stuff without looking too full. Its size is only deceptively small, and even when stuffed to the brim, will not overpower a regular girl's frame.

    3. Twiggy has the best name out of all the bags.

  11. I love my Twiggy because..... I think the Twiggy is the best looking Bbag style to get the bright fun colors in and that is exactly why I specifically asked for the Twiggy style when I got my Rouille Twiggy. I saw it on Ashleyby's twiggy and couldn't imagine having that color on any other Bbag style for me. :smile:
  12. I happened on Balenciagas by accident, I was shopping for Marc Jacobs and swooned over the colours and leather of the Balenciagas. The Twiggy is really the only Balenciaga I considered and I have not regretted it. I bought the Cornflower Twiggy first and when I went back for the Rouille, the SA tried to sway me with a City and I just didn't like it. It just doesn't appeal to me. The Twiggy is a fabulous handheld and I love that it holds SOOOO much, but without having to dig for it!

    Those are my reasons : )

    I wish you well,

  13. Aww thanks Goldensx5!! Rouille hug! Twiggy hug!
  14. I have a City, two Twiggies, a Day, & a Purse. The Twiggy holds a lot and keeps it's shape regardless of how much or how little you have it in. It looks great carried as a satchel or on the shoulder.
  15. Ms Ivy, do I really need to tell you why I love my gray twiggy? LOL!