Tell me why you love your medium camera...


Mar 6, 2007
Hello ladies...well, I know for sure that Chanel bags are a slippery slope...ha! In the last month I have acquired (spent more than I should have!) on 3 Chanel bags. I posted pics of the "Surpique" tote that was the first...I then bought a red camellia WOC, and now just received the black reissue medium camera with gold hardware. UGH!!!! My credit card is in need of some serious cutting. is my question. I am so used to carrying BIG bags (I have a 7 month old baby girl). I clearly knew what I was getting into with the WOC (perfect, by the way!), but I was surprised at the size of the camera...I know, I know...I knew the measurements before I bought it. just seems...small. I want to know why you ladies love this bag. I am in awe of it's beauty :0) and am sure if I give it time it will come out to play often. Just want to be sure I am moving my new Chanel collection in the right direction. Next on my wishlist (after these bags have been paid for!) will be a flap...not sure what size.

DH is out of town tomorrow and would love to post pics of my haul then (like he doesn't know what I'm up to.) Thanks for listening to the the ramblings of just another junkie :0). :nuts: