Tell me why you love BV bags...

  1. I am new to Bottega Veneta I always thought they were far more expensive than they actually are, anyway I fancy a black woven one as it is the woven ones that they are famous for, please can you tell what they are like in real life? Is the leather really beautiful? How do they compare to Paddingtons and bbags as I have both of these. I know there is nothing on them that shows what they are but do they look very expensive in real life? Also could you please post pics, thanks and tell me why I should get one!...:yes:
  2. Italian elegance at its finest!

    Spend a bit of time in this subforum. There are plenty of threads explaining why people love the brand, lots of pics, and much advice. If after reading and spending time in here you still need help...just post away and maybe we can help. Have Fun!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Hi -
    it's the understated elegance i fell in love with. if your style is not "flashy" then it is the brand for you!
    enjoy this site :yes: .
  5. I love that the bags don't need logos or trendy gimics. They are not "IT" bags and the classic designs are timeless. The beauty of the leather and craftsmanship stands on its own.
  6. Like Kellybag mentioned, work through the threads, esp the hotly read ones. And then go to the nearest boutique to see and touch the bags in person. Or vice versa. Whichever way you go, you will definitely know why! :supacool:
  7. They are the epitome of elegance for me. Timeless and understated. Not for a trendy or "of the moment" fashion lovers. Something that is iconic.
  8. Good quality, subtle, classic.
  9. I will echo the previous posters. Timeless, top quality, understated luxury. The finest leathers--there is a top tannery in Italy that only BV and Hermes can buy from. In addition to their classic colors, the designers come up with some of the best seasonal colors in the world of purses. Your bag will not be out of date in a year, when you buy one.
  10. ITA!:yes:
    BV's leather is much softer than Bbags especially when you get the woven bags because they use ultra soft lambskin on the Veneta, ball bag etc.
    If you want a classic bag in superbe quality BV is the bag to choose.
    I just have 1 BV but it won't be my last one and out of all my bags it's my all time favourite!:heart:
  11. Subtle, sumptuous sophistication:yes:
  12. <gasp>.....:amazed:
    Tanja, i cant believe you favor BV over bbags....
    I agree with Tanja tho.... :p

    As for me, i like BV because it is understated.... unlike other brands with logos that scream.... "look at me".
    BV also has fabulous seasonal colors, which I think only Hermes can beat....
    Until I can afford Hermes, I will get my colors from BV :yes:
  13. BV- it is plain since its not edgy or funky but I'd know it is expensive at first glance even from afar because of the leather quality. it is timeless elegance and I would buy BV again.

    Balenciaga is hip and fun, great colors and is timeless too.

    They are both addicting.
  14. You're absolutely spot on. I have not seen seasonal colours that are so classic they almost transcend seasons!
  15. Their casual sophistication. :graucho: :lol:

    So many high end brands (naming no names!) give off somewhat uptight vibes, IMO and are really only for those who dress in a very conservative way.

    BV manages to be upmarket and high quality, without forsaking beauty, or losing touch with fashion.

    I also feel that they are the unpretentious choice, which I like. :yes:

    As I get older, I suspect that I will want more and more of them! :biggrin: