Tell Me Why-eeee?

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  1. Lol!!
  2. Funny! But I couldn't wear it. Really.
  3. Wow that was ugly:sick:
  4. thats HOTT
  5. Um, at least the ribbon is authentic?
    (trying to think of something positive to say)
  6. "Desperately seeking Susan" comes to my mind :jammin: and Madge's crazy style back then. Actually it's quite creative and lets admit, we all have been wondering what to do with miles of bolducs acquired with all those Orange boxes :p. LOL, not surprised someone has decided to put it to business^^^, was just a matter of time.
    I'm not in on this creation :okay: but some funky teenager might get away with it just fine:upsidedown:
  7. There are keychains made out of it too :lol:
  8. What do you guys do with Buldoc ribbon? Any creative suggestions!
  9. Tie it on my suitcases to identify them.
  10. Last year my aunt made a similar thing for my 5-year-old cousin. I think it's a cute thing for a kid but personally wouldn't wear it.
  11. Me too!!
  12. Well, whatever makes people happy... Wouldn't go for it myself, but maybe someone thinks its an original idea.
  13. HERMES PARIS Bolduc Ribbon Bracelet, Brown, RARE

    This is created using VERY rare original Hermes ribbon